How to get the most out of dual-booting Mac OS X and Windows XP on Apple Macs

“By letting you run Windows XP and Mac OS X side by side on the same computer, Apple’s Boot Camp beta gives you the best of both worlds. Here’s how to get the most out of dual-booting — including tips for making it all run smoothly,” Michael Brandenburg writes for TechWeb. “On April 6th, 2006, Apple changed the world. With several of its product lines transitioned over to Intel processors, the computer maker surprised the world by releasing a little product named Boot Camp into public beta testing. Boot Camp allows Windows XP SP2 to be installed alongside the standard Mac operating system, OS X, on Intel-based Macs.”

“The shockwave from this announcement was felt around the world. While some of the most fervent Mac faithful have rejected the notion of installing Windows on their machines, many Mac users see Boot Camp as a way to run that one required application that only runs on Windows, instead of having to have a separate machine. And many Windows users, myself included, see this as a door finally swinging open, allowing us access to the two most popular operating systems on one single machine. Although still in beta release, Boot Camp delivers on the promise of a dual personality on a single machine,” Brandenburg writes. “There continues to be a bit of confusion over what Boot Camp is and isn’t. It is not an emulation of Windows XP within the Mac operating system. It is a dual-boot option for Apple hardware that takes advantage of the fact that the firmware on Intel-based Apple products has been upgraded to allow support for Windows XP. While dual-booting is new to the Mac universe, it’s a rather familiar experience in the PC world. Anyone who has installed Linux alongside Windows on his or her PC will find Boot Camp similar.”

MacDailyNews Note: Actually, Mac users have been dual-booting Mac operating systems and Linux and UNIX-derivatives for years (more info).

Brandenburg offers up a guide to “The Joys Of Dual-Booting” which includes:
• Installation
• Making It All Play Nicely
• Everyday Dual-Booting

Full article here.

[UPDATE: 2:49pm EDT: fixed link tag.]

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  1. Wow, MDN is really on the ball today.

    article: “Intel Macs can dual boot Mac OS X and Windows! Now you can run any Windows software at full native speed, even 3D games!”

    MDN: “Actually, Mac users have been dual-booting Linux for years, just check out this busted anchor tag.”

    So awesome. Keep it up MDN.

  2. Hello everybody,  I have an interesting observation for you all that I noticed yesterday.

    I live in chicago, and at the Clark and Lake train station, Apple often bought out the entire stop’s advertising space and flooded it with iPod ads.  You couldn’t open your eyes without seeing an ad.  Well, recently Microsoft–a corporation that cannot come up with it’s own ideas–just bought out the entire stop and put up windows mobile advertising.  I couldn’t help but chuckle at this I just thought that you all might  like to know that even when it comes to advertising microsoft cannot be original.

  3. Nick,

    Did you miss this for some reason?

    Brandenburg, “While dual-booting is new to the Mac universe, it’s a rather familiar experience in the PC world. Anyone who has installed Linux alongside Windows on his or her PC will find Boot Camp similar.”

    MDN’s note makes perfect sense as dual-booting is certainly not “new to the Mac universe.”

  4. All I can say is this is just great. Beautiful the way Apple is taking over. My bet is that we’re gonna start seeing a lot more business minded aspects in the new OS. Apple will be courting them in substatial numbers soon.

  5. Nick:

    1. It wasn’t an “anchor tag” that was “busted.” It was a hyperlink.
    2. MDN’s not corrects the incorrect line, “While dual-booting is new to the Mac universe…”
    3. You are an idiot, but “keep it up,” Nick, as idiocy amuses me.

  6. The Windows sheep at some point are going to be in a position to make a choice, and with two OS’s, the 3 year old is gonna turn and run to the orange popsicle instead of the brussel sprouts. OSX is a juicy orange popsicle that never melts and is just waiting on the little sheepies.

  7. “he 3 year old is gonna turn and run to the orange popsicle instead of the brussel sprouts”

    Burssel Sprouts are delicious and healthy so equating them to windows is wrong. A better analogy would be fresh ice cream vs. moldy old dog food.

  8. “Dealer of Pain”:

    1) No, it was an anchor tag that was busted. MDN entered “(a href=”…” >”. They opened the anchor tag with a “(” instead of a “<“.
    2) The MDN news article is called “How to get the most of dual-booting Mac OS X and Windows XP on Apple Macs”. If MDN wanted to correct a specific line in the article, they should have provided context so they wouldn’t sound idiotic.
    3) I’m sure you never cease amusing yourself. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  9. 1) turn on fast user switching
    2) run boot camp from one user
    3) OS X in the other user
    4) switch between the two users as necessary

    of course the Windoze user will get tons of SPAM, spybots and viruses.

    this is nice way to work for web developers to test their work in Windows, but not ideal for those who need more than Windows. Parallels is better if you need to run multiple operating systems for your work.

    but you never know… Apple may expand Boot Camp before it shows up in OS X Leopard

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