The Globe and Mail Tech Poll: What operating system will your next computer run? [UPDATED]

This article was originally published yesterday (June 13) at 3:25pm EDT (See todays update below):

The Globe and Mail is running a web poll that asks, ” What operating system will your next computer run?”

With a total of 1081 votes, the current results are:

Vista : 30% – 323 votes
Mac OS: 27% – 292 votes
Windows XP: 25% – 273 votes
Linux: 18% – 193 votes

The poll is located on the main tech page here (scroll down to the middle for “TECH POLL” on a yellow background, towards the right half of the page).

You know what to do. wink

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “mrmikey” for the heads up.]

UPDATE: 3:31pm EDT: Well, that didn’t take long! Current tallies:

Mac OS: 30% – 332 votes
Vista: 29% – 323 votes
Windows XP: 24% – 273 votes
Linux:17% – 193 votes

Total votes: 1121

UPDATE: 6/14, 10:45am EDT: Due to popular demand, we are updating with the current results. The poll is still running, by the way.

Mac OS: 88% – 6662 votes
Vista: 5% – 363 votes
Windows XP: 4% – 322 votes
Linux: 3% – 261 votes

Total votes: 7608

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  1. Behold the power of MDN!

    As of 3:36pm EDT:
    What operating system will your next computer run?

    Mac OS (35%) 422 votes
    Vista (27%) 326 votes
    Windows XP (22%) 273 votes
    Linux (16%) 193 votes

    Total votes: 1214

  2. The “new” tallies for the poll really show the devotion Mac fans have for their favorite OS.

    Definitely, we are Apple’s secret weapon. Too bad that Apple doesn’t give T-shirts or something else to anyone that convinces anyone else to switch.

  3. Which operating system’s users are fanatical enough to vote in an online poll linked from a website that is equally fanatical?

    Mac OS: 43%

    Yes, I voted too. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Vista
    (23%) 330 votes
    Windows XP
    (20%) 275 votes
    (14%) 194 votes
    Mac OS
    (43%) 606 votes

    Wow, looks like 300 MDN readers voted. I notice no options for non-linux UNIX OSes. Anyway, mine’ll definitely be a Mac, a macbook when they get the decent graphics card in.

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