Apple amends design for planned store in Boston’s Back Bay

“After two months of delays, Apple Computer plans today to present several building designs for its first Boston store at a hearing before the Back Bay Architectural Commission,” Jenn Abelson reports for The Boston Globe. “Apple is seeking to demolish a small building at 815 Boylston St. that houses a Copy Cop store and construct a three-story building with a glass façade across from the Prudential Center.”

“At an advisory meeting in March, commissioners expressed concerns about the design, saying it didn’t have a sense of place, and suggested that Apple replicate or preserve the existing façade. In its latest filings to the city, Apple has proposed several designs that would add vertical columns and divide the façade in nine sections. It gives a boxier look, appearing to fit in more with adjacent buildings,” Abelson reports. “Apple already operates stores in Braintree, Burlington, Cambridge, Chestnut Hill, and Peabody.”

Full article here.

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  1. Geez, I haven’t visited Boston in years… went to Berklee for a summer… and guess where they’re building. Boylston & Mass Ave., exactly where Berklee is! Now I gotta return, visit the ol’digs, have a slice at Steve’s and avoid the tranny hookers.

    It’s a great section of town… I miss it

  2. Ah, Boston. I live in Cambridge, and the old story of idiots holding up innovation in the _name_ of ‘preservation’ is, as always, ludicrous. So, instead of having another totally mind-blowing opening at a totally mind-blowing new Apple Store, the local assholes have decided to go with the ‘look’ of Boylston Street. Yeah, right- as if that part of Boylston has a look. Just down the block across the Pike we have the dance hall district, and across from the location we have, gee, a parking garage…. Quite a look. Just another example of Boston shooting itself in the head.

  3. the building that apple is proposing to demolish falls into that prized architectural genre, urban blight.

    + to answer the first poster… yes the durgen park waitresses have always, and will always, give you attiude. but it’s okay since their so hot, right?

    [for out of towners, dugen park waitresses are usually mean, old and big]

  4. ^what wade said…

    Ahhhh…. nice to hear that the ladies of Durgan Park are still practicing their craft.

    Last time I was there was in the mid 80’s. After a Celtics game a bunch of us went there to eat. Our waitress took a liking to me (she was nearing retirement I think) and treated me great, while giving all of my buddies guff all night long. At the end of the meal, she kissed me on the cheek. My buddy sitting next to me made the unfortunate mistake to ask” hey, can I get a cheek kiss also?”

    She promptly turned around and offered him her butt cheeks.

    Durgan Park – where the fish is great and the service is pure bostonian. Nothing like it anywhere.

  5. That CopyCop is an EYESORE! A small-town store-front from the bad old days of the ’50s mucking up a not very attractive old stone building. What in Cthulu’s name are they attempting to preserve? Bad taste?

    Wade in Cambridge doesn’t need a third store inside the Rt. 128 loop. Nor do I, just a couple miles west in Newton. There have GOT to be places more in need of an Apple Store than Downtown Boston.

  6. “Apple already operates stores in Braintree, Burlington, Cambridge, Chestnut Hill, and Peabody.”

    I dunno if cheastnut hill really counts, I’d really only consider it half a store it’s so small

  7. Durgan Park specializes in service for masochists. I made the mistake of letting friends talk me into going there — once. You wait forever to get in, then it’s like eating in a mess hall — noisy and crowded, seated at long tables for mediocre food and surly waitresses. I’ll never set foot in the place again.

  8. Wade, have you ever left the People’s Republic and been in the Back Bay? You description of the area is completely misleading. The Back Bay is on the National Register of Historic Places and is considered one of the best examples of preservation of Victorian architecture anywhere. Sure, there were some mistakes made, but you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. The architectural reviews in place today ensure that any future improvements made are in character with what the neighborhood wants to be. Why would you knock a city for doing that?

    Yes the Pru is ugly. But it was a railroad switch yard before that. Which is uglier? At any rate, the architectural guidelines did not exist when the Pru was built, that is why the developer could build something that looked like that. However, everything in the neighborhood that has been built since 1965 has gone through this same review with good results.

    In the end, the neighborhood will be happy, Apple will be happy, and the customers visiting the store will be happy. If you don’t like it, stay on your own side of the river and go to that beautiful Cambrideside mall you have.

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