RUMOR: Apple ‘Mac Pro’ coming in August, to feature dual high-end dual-core processors

Along with introducing Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard at WWDC in August, “Mr. Jobs will also take the wraps off Apple’s most powerfully stunning Macintosh to date: the Mac Pro,” Kasper Jade and Prince McLean report for AppleInsider. “Until recently, Apple’s professional line of desktop computers stood at the pinnacle of its product portfolio, showcasing both the Mac’s beauty and its brawn.”

“In speaking with AppleInsider, people familiar with the Cupertino-based company’s plans have affirmed that the Mac Pro will indeed employ chips from Intel’s forthcoming architecture. However, it’s still unclear precisely which processors these will be. That’s because, just like the Power Mac G5 Quad, these people say Apple and Intel somehow plan to wedge two high-end dual-core chips into some Mac Pros,” Jade and McLean report.

Full article here.

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  1. Here’s a thought to bat around…

    What if Apple chose to use the sheer variety of Intel Core processors to create a highly-segmented product line that would appeal to a highly granular market.

    For example, what if

    Mac Mini > Yonah Core Duo (as it is now)
    iMac > as above
    iMac Extreme > Merom
    MacBook > Core Duo
    MacBook Pro > Core Duos, but faster chips, dedicated graphics, and faster larger hard drives, plus more I/O
    MacBook Pro Extreme > As above, but Merom instead of Yonah
    Mac Pro > Conroe
    Mac Pro Extreme > Woodcrest
    Xserve > Woodcrest

    Apple would suddenly have 9 product grouos in six distinct families. Using variations in clock speed, cache and other components, Apple could have maybe 18-27 different products going all the way from $500 to $3500 in nice easy steps.

  2. MCCFR,

    “Apple would suddenly have 9 product groups in six distinct families.”

    While that product concept would make a lot of people happy, it would probably be bad for Apple. In the late 80’s / early 90’s that is how the product line-up was. It was very convoluted, people didn’t know what to buy. It made the distribution model a complete mess. One of the first things Jobs did when he returned was simplify the product line-up. It is not gonna happen. Just maybe a median desktop model, but I doubt it.

  3. MCCFR –

    I like what you are saying, but it sounds oddly like something Dell would do. You get all these sub-groups and it seems confusing to the potential Apple customer. I don’t think it fits into Apple’s image. However, if you are “in the know”, it does sound appealing.

    Like the Turd always says, “Take ’em sleazy, or take ’em anyway you can get ’em!”

  4. I hope the case design of the Mac Pros will be better than the “cheese grater”. I held off buying one because of the single internal optical drive and the HUGE cpu heatsinks. And ONLY 2 PCI-X slots, CMON!! I know I could of bought some “external” drives but I don’t like clutter around my computer.

    I’m hoping for 3-4 expension slots and 2 optical drives. I can’t wait to see what Apple does to the case design.

  5. Apple is operating in the PC market now. Apple must offer all of the new chips that are available to other PC users.

    That being said, what is the difference between offering MacBook Pros with 3 or 4 different processor speeds or 2 different processors at 2 different speeds each? Mac Pros at 3 or 4 different processor speeds or 2 different processors at 2 different processor speeds each or multiple processors at varying speeds?

    There wouldn’t be 9 offerings. There would be Minis, MacBooks, MacBook Pros, iMacs, Mac Pros, and Xserves. Some would have processor speed options, some would have processor options and processor speed options and some would have multiple processors.

    Same lines with more options per individual line. Still well organized.

    Apple will not become Dell.

  6. MCCFR: Apple took a LOT of s&*t in the mid nineties for doing the same thing. Didn’t work then either. You run the risk of cannibalizing your own sales. It’s not peculiar to this industry, either. Ask GM (remember Oldsmobile?).

    Colorado–I agree on tech, but on style, I love the Aluminum.

    TF–Blu-Ray (STUPID FSKING NAME!!!) will surely be there–don’t you think? I think they can’t afford to leave it off. But will the drive be backward compatible? Will there HAVE to be two bays? Will Jobs let that out of the door?


  7. I heart macdude –

    It’s got to be there! Besides, I thought last year was supposed to be the year of hi-definition? I can shoot hi-def, I can watch it in my home-theater room, but I can’t create it for distribution… Sigh…


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