IDC: Apple Mac sales outpace industry average in UK and Western Europe markets

“Apple continues to excel in the UK and Europe, growing sales at a significantly faster rate than the industry average. New data from the analysts at IDC shows the company continues to make gains. ‘In the UK and Western Europe, Apple shipment growths outperformed the overall PC market in both notebook and desktop form factors in Q1 2006,’ observed IDC senior research analyst Michael Larner,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK.

“Apple held a first quarter market share of 2.9 percent in the UK overall, when desktop and notebook sales are combined. Individually, it took 3.4 percent of the UK market for notebooks and grabbed 2.65 percent of the desktop market. This 3.4 percent market share of UK notebook sales is a 50.15 percent year-on-year improvement for the company, the analysts said. That’s far ahead of the industry average, which saw 20.44 percent improvement in the period,” Evans reports. “Apple also grew its desktop sales by 27.38 percent, year on year. While this delivered only a 2.65 percent market share, other vendors fared far worse in desktop sales – the overall value of the desktop computer market fell 6.16 percent year on year, IDC said. In Western Europe, Apple holds 2.6 percent of the desktop market and 2.5 percent of the notebook market. In unit sales that’s up 11.7 percent and 18.3 percent, year on year. Meanwhile the overall EMEA market climbed only 1.8 percent and 2 percent, leaving Apple rising at a much faster rate than the rest of the PC pack.”

Full article here.

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  1. A percentage of a percentage is still no real improvement.

    Zzzzzzzz, your name is fitting… You must have been typing in your sleep because your comment makes absolutely no sense. Growth rate is always measured as a percentage of a percentage, and in UK notebook sales that translates into 50% year over year growth, which by any means is a remarkable figure.

  2. zzzzzzzzzz:

    Yes, Microsoft only does things in a big way. Like lopping off large chunks of sizeable features from Vista and taking multiple years to accomplish this amazingly immense feat of colossal decimation, thus leaving a gigantic void in their promise of digital greatness. Despite this gargantuan failure, massive system requirements needed to run the full version of this extensive bloat of Vista. The exaggerated system requirements are grossly inflated compared to those of OS X.

  3. Well in the last three years I have helped friends buy 9 Macs. The company I work for a small business with about 12 dell terminals, the owner has bought 2 ibooks for his kids, a new Macbook Pro for himself, an Imac G5 for the company. The other owner is going to buy a Mac in the next three months. One of the developers working on our custom CRM just got a Vaio, and is now reegretting not getting a MBP. Over the next two years I am pretty sure that the entire company will be Mac based, as one of the owners friends, who is head of IT and Universal Music is telling them to buy Xserve, as the is a good chance a large part of UM is going Mac.
    It is happening.

  4. “Maybe Europeans are smarter than Americans.

    In Some ways, I’d agree. Europe has better education standards for the most part.

    But, what it really boils down to:

    AMERICANS ARE CHEAP! Some of us are smart when it comes to getting what you pay for. But with all the Walmart stores selling junk laptops and cheesy desktops, most “uneducated” (for lack of a better term) consumers will buy the cheapest thing they can find.


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