BusinessWeek: Apple MacBook Pro ‘one of the very best notebooks on the market’

“Apple’s switch of its mainstream products to Intel chips was completed in May with the release of the MacBook. I’ve been testing its more expensive sibling, the MacBook Pro, for a couple months and am reviewing it as part of a series on high-end notebooks,” Cliff Edwards writes for BusinessWeek.

MacDailyNews Take: Since when did Power Macs slip out of the “mainstream?”

Edwards continues, “There’s little not to like about the MacBook Pro. It doesn’t look much different from the now-retired PowerBook… For third-party applications, the company is using a translation software called Rosetta to deliver software such as Adobe Photoshop. In those cases, there appears to be a slight slowdown in performance, but none so bad that it will make you rue the day you walked into the Apple store… I’d wholeheartedly recommend the MacBook Pro for those looking for one of the very best notebooks on the market.”

Full review, with Edward’s minor “quibbles,” here.

[UPDATE: 4:55pm EDT: Removed duplicate quote.]

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  1. Nevermind. I get what you’re getting at now. They are saying that the switch has been “completed,” which of course, it hasn’t. Gotcha.

    MW: What. That’s appropriate. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. >> MacDailyNews Take: Since when did Power Macs slip out of the “mainstream?”


    Come on….

    Power Macs have never been ‘mainstream’ computers. they have always been seen as – and marketed as – high end professional machines primarily for creative professionals.

    For that matter so has the 17″ PowerBook.

    I suppose it depends on how you define ‘mainstream’… but it’s a stretchit to call the Power Mac G5 a ‘mainstream’ product.

  3. Answer MDN….They slipped out of the mainstream when Apple made them obsolete by waiting so long to offer an Intel version.

    Would you spend your hard earned cash on a Power Mac G5 knowing fulll well that a Mactel version is on the way in the very near future?….

  4. TheConfuzed1,

    Let’s take it slowly:

    1. Edwards incorrectly states, “Apple’s switch of its mainstream products to Intel chips was completed in May.”
    2. Obviously that’s wrong as the Power Mac is still PowerPC-based and Apple’s tower Macs should be considered “mainstream.”
    3. Therefore, MDN asks, “Since when did Power Macs slip out of the ‘mainstream?'”

    Today’s snack will be pudding. Don’t forget to wear your bib.

  5. Well, Apple itself is leaving the Power Mac out of the party — in the Apple Store today, they had a big banner with the MacBooks, MacBook Pros. iMacs and minis. It said “Meet the family. Now complete.”

  6. I do find it remarkable that PC/Windows users, tech writers and all the others now test or use a Mac due to only that it has an Intel chip.

    The computers are basically the same as with the PPC chip.

    It seems only that the Intel switch confers onto Apple legitimacy as a computer.

    The shallowness of PC/Windows apologists only now looking at a Mac is a joke. So many years they’ve wasted using the crap that is a PC/Windows box. And the money wasted too. Amazing.

    The tortoise will ultimately win teh race. And the apologists are scared. The under the table money pays them just may go away.

  7. The tortoise will only “win the race” if you consider <u>staying in the race</u> a “win”. Apple isn’t about to overpower Microsoft any time soon. Even its current double-digit presence in its market segment (consumers) will not grow to a majority in that segment. I’m not sure Apple wants to be the dominant manufacturer.

    It would be nice, though, if Apple could significantly increase its consumer sales – a 15% market share there (5% of the total market) would be delightful if bolstered by a 2% or 3% share of the much larger business market. For those not doing the math, that would put Apple at about #4 of all PC brands. As they are currently the ones with the highest earnings per quarter, that tripling of sales would do wonders for the bottom line!

  8. DLMeyer: You’re pretty close to my figures. You’re saying 15% while I say:

    Look for 17% to 23% consumer market share within a year.

    I keep saying it — and it’s happening while we watch!

  9. New displays, Mac Pros and MacServes. It’ll just keep getting better and better and better. Our Apple Mac Daddy has a whole lot more coming. It’s a great time to be a Mac user.

  10. Quietly, cloaked by the dim twilight of the subconscious mind…

    History tells us that people have purchased Windows boxes for the home because that is what they use at their work. Perhaps, the Apple team is reversing the tide. Homes are being flooded by Macs, and when it comes time to replace the corporate computers, they will want to have the same worry-free experiences at work as they do at home.

    This would also explain the lack of in-your-face advertising by Apple. People are much more loyal to an idea if they think they were the ones who discovered it.

    Slow and steady will win this race.

  11. MDN, powermacs are not and will not be mainstream. They are more power than home users need and the price is not consumer friendly.
    Clearly the macbook is the Apple mainstream computer along with the imac.
    Quite taking these foolish snipes at journalists. At least make semi-intelligent jabs.

  12. Ray, Apple can’t release a replacement for the G5 Power Mac until they have a processor to put in them. Apple didn’t push them out of the mainstream by waiting, they are making sure it stays in the mainstream.

    It would be dumb to put a Core Duo in the replacement for the Power Mac when that is what is running every other computer they make. The PM is supposed to be the ultra workhorse of the Apple line, not just a different case for the same processor. Why buy a PM when you can just get an iMac that has the exact same processor? You wouldn’t. The PM G5 has dual procs and the iMac G5 had single. The PM is always the top dog.

  13. ‘Answer MDN….They slipped out of the mainstream when Apple made them obsolete by waiting so long to offer an Intel version.

    Then doesn’t that make the whole comment of the article about the change to Intel irrelevant if you actuially discount including all those that arn’t yet Intel? Otherwise that logic means that it is complete immediately the first machine went Intel.

    Oh and I remember the day not that long ago when Apple only made ‘power macs’ outside of the portable machines so MDN is hardly being parochial in its comments.

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