Apple Mac Mini brain replaced with 2.16GHz Intel ‘Merom’ Core 2 Duo and benchmarked

“Faithful Macenstein reader rico sent us a posting on the Taiwanese forum Oikos discussing the results of replacing an Intel Mac mini’s standard Core Duo chip with a Core 2 Duo chip (the 2.16GHz Merom T740),” Helper Monkey reports for Macenstein. “After a quick Babelfish “Traditional Chinese-to-English” translation, we can see why he was so excited!”

“While the Mini does not recognize that its brain has been replaced by a Core 2 Duo chip (it lists itself as simply having a ‘genuine Intel CPU’) the benchmarks certainly don’t lie,” Mr. Monkey reports. “In the past upgrading Apple CPUs has been limited by the heat generated when placing faster chips in computers not capable of cooling them down. But since this generation Core 2 Duo chips actually generate LESS heat than the current generation, upgrading these new Intel Macs may be the easiest CPU upgrade in Apple’s history.”

Full article with benchmarks here.
[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jeremy” for the heads up.]

“The Merom is expected to be released in late 2006, along with its siblings, the Conroe desktop CPU and the Woodcrest server CPU. Doubtless the Conroe will sit at the heart of the upcoming Intel-based Power Macs while, down the road, the Merom will replace the Core Duo as the MacBook Pro’s processor,” Mac on Intel reported in mid-April. “This upgrade should also work fine on the Intel-based iMac, which has a socketed CPU like the mini. The MacBook Pro’s CPU is suface mounted, unable to be swapped out. For owners of Intel-based Macs with socketed CPUs, quite an upgrade path has been revealed, one most did not anticipate.”

Full article here.

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  1. The current core chips that Apple uses are very transitional. They are really not the core architecture Intel talks about. I have to believe they will be quickly discontinued once the new Core 2 product lines hit high yields and Apple will upgrade its Mac lineup. I read rumors — I forgot where — of a new Mac Mini in the works with a slightly greater height to allow for 3.5 inch desktop hard drives (cheaper, faster, more storage) and an easy opening case. I will bet that Apple will put in one of the new Core 2 chips, but from the slower production bins. being able to swap out old chips for new barn burners could make the mini a hot — or is it a cool — deal.

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  3. There’s a way to foil the side-to-side scrolling, and I can do it with one click because I have the Preferences Bar as a Mozilla extension. But if I reveal it, MacDailyNews will prevent it.

  4. This was done months ago. Merom early samples have been floating around for some time.

    The 2Ghz Merom benchmarks pretty much just like a 2.16Ghz Core Duo at typical stuff, but much faster where the SSE4 optimizations kick in.

    SSE4 is our long-awaited Altivec substitute on an Intel chip.

  5. “how is this possible??

    The core 2 duo chips are LGA775.. the mac mini IS NOT.”

    The Merom Core 2 Duo is pin-compatible with the Core Duo. In an Intel show, they demonstrated a Core Duo computer running a game benchmark. They powered down the computer, swapped in a Merom Core 2 Duo and ran the benchmark again, showing a 20% gain in spite of the same Mhz.

    The “Conroe” desktop version of the Core 2 Duo will probably have a diferent socket than the “Merom” laptop version of Core 2 Duo. The Merom will start out at 2.16Ghz and perhaps 2.33Ghz, while the Conroe will be available at 2.66Ghz and 2.93Ghz.

  6. Again, the Core 2 Duos that are coming out on July 23, and the core 2 extreme that is coming out on the same day are going to be LGA775.. the intel mini is the mobile socket 479.. so I am guessing these chips are evaluation only.

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