Apple Mac Mini brain replaced with 2.16GHz Intel ‘Merom’ Core 2 Duo and benchmarked

“Faithful Macenstein reader rico sent us a posting on the Taiwanese forum Oikos discussing the results of replacing an Intel Mac mini’s standard Core Duo chip with a Core 2 Duo chip (the 2.16GHz Merom T740),” Helper Monkey reports for Macenstein. “After a quick Babelfish “Traditional Chinese-to-English” translation, we can see why he was so excited!”

“While the Mini does not recognize that its brain has been replaced by a Core 2 Duo chip (it lists itself as simply having a ‘genuine Intel CPU’) the benchmarks certainly don’t lie,” Mr. Monkey reports. “In the past upgrading Apple CPUs has been limited by the heat generated when placing faster chips in computers not capable of cooling them down. But since this generation Core 2 Duo chips actually generate LESS heat than the current generation, upgrading these new Intel Macs may be the easiest CPU upgrade in Apple’s history.”

Full article with benchmarks here.
[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jeremy” for the heads up.]

“The Merom is expected to be released in late 2006, along with its siblings, the Conroe desktop CPU and the Woodcrest server CPU. Doubtless the Conroe will sit at the heart of the upcoming Intel-based Power Macs while, down the road, the Merom will replace the Core Duo as the MacBook Pro’s processor,” Mac on Intel reported in mid-April. “This upgrade should also work fine on the Intel-based iMac, which has a socketed CPU like the mini. The MacBook Pro’s CPU is suface mounted, unable to be swapped out. For owners of Intel-based Macs with socketed CPUs, quite an upgrade path has been revealed, one most did not anticipate.”

Full article here.

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  1. This is outrageous. How is Apple going to increase profits if consumers can simply buy a $250 chip rather than replace their existing computer with a $600 machine? As a stockholder, I want Apple to squeeze every dime possible from the consumer. Apple is a business, not a freaking charity. Apple damn well better increase the price of their machines to cover the loss of future sales.

  2. Hell, buy a mini and keep upgrading the processor…..Hmmmm my next Mac may be a mini

    In other news….. Latest episode of DL.TV – They show the Black MacBook and dissuss it for quite a while. If you haven’t seen one in person check it out here (scroll down and you can download it in H.264 instead of watching the Flash version):

    Fast forward to 31:30 and go from there – have fun

  3. ^^^ No prob Ampar. All my posts are copyrighted and may not be used in full or part without the author’s consent.

    I should probably mention this: For those that don’t want to download the entire show (250+MB), you can go right to the MacBook segment on the Flash version (note side clip segments)………Anyway have fun

  4. The MacBook Pro’s CPU is suface mounted, unable to be swapped out.

    Any electronics shop capable of replacing surface mount discreets could replace the Intel processor in about 30 minutes (includes taking MacBook Pro apart and reassembling).

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