How to run Windows Vista on an Apple Mac with Boot Camp

“Yes, before you fire off a flaming comment, we know this is The Unofficial Apple Weblog, but we thought it might be nice to post a tip for those of you who either want or need to play with the next generation of Microsoft Windows, reportedly due out within the decade (hey, it was originally due in 2003 – by its present 2007 date they’ll be almost half a decade late already),” David Chartier reports for TUAW. “This Apple Discussions forum thread details a slightly more appealing trick for getting Vista, now in a public beta (but overloaded with download requests as of this writing), to install and run with Boot Camp. Basically, you need to have Boot Camp already set up and installed with Windows XP. Then, burn a DVD of the Vista beta you just downloaded.”

More information and links in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Embrace first, then extinguish.

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  1. I believe Boot Camp is the ushering of an era of crapware for the Mac. Now we can install such crapware as Windows XP and now the bloated and horribly mangled mess Windows Vista.

    Any mention of which version? Basic crapware, home crapware, Ultimate P.O.S., etc…

  2. As far as I am concerned, Vista (or for that matter XP) is just Windows 95 Service Pack (Insert Number Here). Its just variations on the same original theme….. and it sucks major donkey balls…. I am glad I switched 5 years ago……

  3. Until it dies I have to support it – better that I can do it on one machine. I love my new iMac! Runs Mac OS 95% of the time. Windows 5% (compiling for windows and playing an occasional game). WIll go to 97% when Parallels is finished – can compile then without leaving MacOS X.

  4. You know, about 95% of the world revolves around Windows, why do we have to talk about it here. Really.

    We’ve got BC, we’ve got Parallels, et. al. If you’re in the unfortunate position of being forced to run Windows, and do it on your Mac, there are solutions – Can we move on.

  5. I just love the ‘open minded’ community of MDN and apple users in general. Dis first, ask question second. How about trying before making any judgements? Naw, that would involve actual thought and exercise beyond pushing a mouse all day.

  6. Hello All.

    William, you said “From this point on, please refer to Vista as Windows XP SP3 — Now With Aero!”. Neat.

    But you must remember that its only with Aero if you have a “stuffed” machine. If you have an older machine, its Windows XP SP3 — Maybe with Aero, Maybe not. But certainly with lots of extra Windowie kind of stuff, like:

    Lots more error and “you cant do that” windows.
    Tons of glamor advertising that you will have to pay for.
    Lots of people hooting about how wonderful it is.
    Gigabites of useless code with EVEN more holes that ever.

    Windows XP SP3, Just more expensive. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />


  7. Hey, No koolaid here:

    We can’t “Dis first” because we’ve all had the misfortune of trying Windows. That’s part of why we’re Mac users. You can ask people to give a NEW product a chance, but XP, and even Vista only have features that are old news to Mac users. What’s more, if you only believe half of the bad things the reviewers say, MS managed to screw them up in Vista!

  8. No koolaid here:

    You can’t reall blame us, can you? I mean, really. If you’ve been bitten by a brown dog 10 times, you’re going to run the other way when you see another one coming at you.

    Sure, it’s a kneejerk reaction, but we have plenty of evidence to back our quick judgements.

    Do you really think Vista is going to be any good?

  9. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

    The way to get the most realistic Windows XP/Vista from any MacIntosh computer…Not only Mactel’s ndd aany version of MacOS…You grab baseball bat and beat your powered on Mac until the crunching noises stop. If the Mac is still able to boot after that you have ddone it wrong and its performance is still supperior to a Windows XP/Vista. Now you must immerse your Mac in water (this is known by Gates, Ballmer, and Dvorak as baptism). Now plug in your Mac and it will be a born again Windows machine.

  10. What “No Koolaid Here” is unable to accept (and therefore ignores it every time) is that Mac users have typically made a choice to use the Mac platform. That means that they have probably tried Windows, found that they dislike it, and have moved to a different platform.

    On the other hand, most Windows users have never tried the Mac OS. They are still using the same thing that they learned first. “It’s what we use at work.”, they may say. Or, “Everyone else uses Windows, so that’s what I use.” At any rate, they have not made a choice other than to follow the ass in front of them.

    So, No Koolaid here. You seem to have no problem with Windows users talking down the Mac platform, but those of us that have actually compared and chosen the better platform are not allowed to talk down something we have experience with, right?

    Yeah sure, most of us don’t have experience with Vista yet, but we’ve got enough experience with Microshaft’s operating systems to have a good idea as to what is coming up. You only have to look at the butt for so long to determine that everything that comes out of it is shit.

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