Apple chose well: Intel poised to take massive lead across the board over AMD

“When I attended AMD technology day last Thursday, senior AMD managers poked fun at Intel’s NetBurst architecture and the fact that Intel will be “going back to their previous generation architecture, and that would be an improvement”. Most of the industry analysts in attendance began to laugh in the room and I couldn’t quite figure out what’s so funny and if they would still be laughing next month when Intel’s Core2 architecture is released,” George Ou writes for ZDNet.

“Last Friday when I saw the first set of independent benchmark results pitting a mid-end Intel E6600 ‘Conroe’ 2.4 GHz CPU (due next month) against the just released flagship extreme edition AMD FX-62 CPU, I started wondering if AMD worst nightmare was coming true. Intel’s ~$250 E6600 CPU annihilated AMD’s ~$1000 Extreme Edition AM2 based FX-62! This effectively means that AMD’s flagship desktop performance CPU will be obsolete by the end of next month when Intel released the CPUs codenamed Conroe. The 2.4 GHz Conroe E6600 CPU is a 65 watt part while Intel’s Extreme Edition Conroe CPU will operate at 2.93 GHz and still be 40 watts lower than AMD’s FX-62 which runs at 120 watt TDP. AMD’s power advantage over Intel’s current Pentium 4 NetBurst architecture just vanished in to thin air with the introduction of Intel’s Core 2 architecture next month,” Ou writes. “If that wasn’t enough of a beating, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes who writes for our new “Hardware 2.0” blog linked to these phenomenal overclocking feats with the Conroe 2.4 and Conroe 2.6 GHz CPUs clocking to 4.0 GHz and 4.26 GHz respectively! I’m hearing that these kinds of numbers can be achieved with self-contained water coolers from multiple sources while the AMD FX-62 can barely get to 3.6 GHz with sub-zero temperatures.”

“AMD pointed out that they’ve been ahead of the game for 3 years (on most benchmarks and the results were always close) and it’s inevitable for Intel to have a slight lead once in a while. The problem here is that this new Intel lead is not the usual leapfrogging where one competitor edges out the other, it’s a massive lead across the board,” Ou writes. “The Core 2 architecture will only be around for 2 more years until Intel shifts to something new. I asked Intel’s representative if this is the kind of paranoia that would make Andy Grove proud and he laughed. The truth of the matter is that AMD is what’s making Intel paranoid because they’ve taken a beating for the last 2 years at the hands of AMD. Who’s going to win the processor wars doesn’t matter because this is competition at its best and the consumer is the ultimate winner with better products at lower prices so let the wars begin!”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Capitalism at its finest. Wouldn’t it be nice to see such paranoia on the part of Microsoft in regard to their flag-crate Windows? Get a Mac, force Microsoft to attempt to make a better Windows (without copying Apple’s work for once, please). And, then, may the best platform win (for a change). Anyway, it certainly sounds like Apple picked the right horse in the processor race; the one with massive resources that also has the renewed will to win.

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  1. Duh MDN, do we really want Microsoft software to be better?

    What would happen to Apple if Vista was a good, safe, secure and reliable operating system? Mac users would be forced to switch if they wanted a job or to run any software.

    Even Steve Jobs doesn’t see much room for improvement in the Mac or Mac OS X, they are turning into PC’s right before our eyes. Even the iPod now doesn’t even have Firewire anymore.

  2. Intel is undercutting AMD, pricing their chips purposely to destroy the compeition.

    IBM is gone from the desktop, AMD is next. Then all we will have left is Intel.

    Of course then watch the innovation increase at a rapid pace when there is no competition.

    By the way most PC’s don’t need all that performance, most are used as dumb terminals anyway. Word and Excel, perhaps a database.

    3D games are all going over to more powerful consoles.

    Sure some acedemics and research may buy the new powerful processors, but IBM is already in that space with the Cell processor.

    Cell = 1 general purpose PPC processor surrounded by 8 more dedicated processors. The more “Cells” added, the more powerful the whole computer becomes.

    It makes these Intel processors look weak.

  3. I’m tired of ads in RSS please stop putting ads in the RSS… I’ll see your ads when I click to see what you’ve posted I may even click on an ad or two on your main site, but please stop putting ads in the RSS reader… whats the point of RSS of you have to look through ads to see what you want to read … I understand ads and why you need them but give me a break, you’ll make your money already

  4. Off-topic:

    MDN – please DO NOT persist with your new practice of inserting ads into the site’s RSS feeds. This is simply taking things too far. RSS feeds should offer users a clean, easy to navigate way of viewing the stories that interest them, free from the clutter of the “main” page. You’ve got every kind of advertising imaginable already (which I’ve so far tolerated), but this is just taking the p*ss. Please stop this practice or you’ll lose me and I’m sure quite a few other readers.

  5. Apple chose well but the same could be said if they chose AMD. This is what is best about being in the mainstream CPU market. AMD and intel are continually leapfrogging each other.

    Right now (core for core) IBM still has a lead with the PPC – but because of the lack of competition they will not be pushed as hard to improve. I am glad they moved to intel, but I would have prefered the mainstream had moved to the PPC – t is simply better.

  6. for Pete’s sake

    I hope that you are kidding when you wrote:

    “Of course then watch the innovation increase at a rapid pace when there is no competition”.

    This is the opposite of what happens when there is no competition, why would you continue to ?

  7. Sorry but I need this kind of power in my home computer.

    Ever reencode video from one format to another?
    Use iDVD and author 2 hours of video?

    Do this on a regular basis and that nice fast G5 is tied up doing video stuff all the time.

    I want to handle video quickly and not have to wait hours for it to finish.

  8. RSS mainly exists to avoid adverts. If you, and others, persist in doing that kind of shit, then there will be RSS v2.0 and a whole new ream of alphabet soup which summarises to “STOP PUTTING ADVERTS IN, DICKHEADS”.

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