Microsoft CEO Ballmer spends two days unsuccessfully trying to clean Windows PC malware

“Microsoft executives love telling stories against each other. Here’s one that platforms vice-president Jim Allchin told at a recent Windows Vista reviewers conference about chief executive Steve Ballmer,” David Frith reports for Australian IT. “It seems Steve was at a friend’s wedding reception when the bride’s father complained that his PC had slowed to a crawl and would Steve mind taking a look.”

“Allchin says Ballmer, the world’s 13th wealthiest man with a fortune of about $18 billion, spent almost two days trying to rid the PC of worms, viruses, spyware, malware and severe fragmentation without success,” Frith reports. “He lumped the thing back to Microsoft’s headquarters and turned it over to a team of top engineers, who spent several days on the machine, finding it infected with more than 100 pieces of malware, some of which were nearly impossible to eradicate.”

Steve BallmerFrith reports, “Among the problems was a program that automatically disabled any antivirus software. ‘This really opened our eyes to what goes on in the real world,’ Allchin told the audience. If the man at the top and a team of Microsoft’s best engineers faced defeat, what chance do ordinary punters have of keeping their Windows PCs virus-free?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Nothing about the Windows morass and/or Ballmer surprises us anymore.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Chris” for the heads up.]

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  1. Wow. Just Wow.

    Windows XP has been on the market for how long, and their top engineers are JUST NOW having their eyes opened to how dangerous malware can be?

    Take off the blinders, turn off the Xbox 360, and come out into the sun.

    Wow. Ow.

  2. From the article it sounds like this story has been released to the public as an ad for MS’s Live Onecare it seem to imply the following: Look you need our new security service, heck we can’t even keep our own machines clean without it, now please fork over the cash. Or that’s how the Windows World will interpet it. My interpetation of this sad story is: DUDE!! I’m so glad I didn’t get a Dell.

  3. (1) I’d be very embarressed for this story to get out if this was a story about me and my product.

    (2) I find it very ironic that the next story down on the site is “Why I’m more productive on a Mac.”

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