How to stream movies over a network via Apple’s Front Row

“In ‘My multimedia Mac mini,’ I detailed the trial I had attempting to stream full-length movies from my Power Mac G5 to an Intel Mac mini via Front Row. Despite creating the fastest network possible as well as providing Front Row with the slimmest movies possible, it and iTunes refused to play them unless I created an alias of the original movie, mounted the network volume where that movie resided, and copied the alias to the mini’s Movies folder,” Christopher Breen reports for Macworld.

“Reader Scott Nichol got in touch and revealed the secret to successfully playing these movies via Front Row. That secret is that movies must have their streaming option enabled. When you rip a DVD via HandBrake, such an option isn’t enabled and Front Row chokes when it attempts to share it from another Mac,” Breen reports.

Full article with step-by-step instructions here.

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  1. I’ve tried to do this with eyeTV and VLC. 802.11g is too slow by the time you make the files small enough and turn off access by other programs its easier and better quality to burn it to a DVD.

  2. Here is a simple solution to the ‘problem’. I use it to play ripped DVDs located on Power Mac G5 using wirelessly connected Mac mini. I rip DVDs using MacTheRipper (much faster than HandBrake) to G5’s HD. Connect Mac mini to G5 using AFP via 802.11g connection – AirPort. Fire up DVD Player on the mini and point it at VIDEO_TS folder of the ripped movie. All works like a charm, DVD quality (no compression!) over 56 kbps wireless. I may get 3-4 half second hiccups during entire playback, but that’s the only problem.

    So I ask the whiner – WTF?!

    MDN MW – trouble. Yeah, right!

  3. I’ve kind of done the same thing watching movies wirelessly on my tibook. I conenct to my mac mini G4 “server” which has a firewire drive attached containing my movies. Works surprisingly well.

  4. I use an old Beige G3 as a Replay TV server and stream wirelessly (802.11g) to my PowerBook G4 using QuickTime, all the time. Yes the quality is lower than DVD but just like the article said, “Streaming” must be enabled or nothing works.

    If you want to try this, download the FREE “DVArchive” software. It turns your Mac into a software Replay TV (Tivo on steroids).

  5. Wow! A whopping 30% of Mac users have anti-virus software installed.

    What are you fscking STUPID?

    1: Mac OS X doesn’t need it

    2: Root level installs are vulnerable to application exploits. OS updates break them and are buggy.

    3: Tell your Piece of Shit Windows losers to clean their own filth off their files before sending to you.

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