Review: unique, colorful Magpie Outfits for iPod nano demand attention

Designer Maggie Stevens sent us a Magpie Outfit for Apple iPod nano to try out. The case fit our nano snugly and the reinforced vinyl material is sturdy stuff – good for running, biking, the beach, or just everyday life.

The Magpie Outfits are cut from six fabric/trim combos made from big prints, so each case is unique.

We tested the case by offering a nine-year-old girl three choices for her iPod nano: a black leather (very expensive) case, a pink neoprene case, and a Magpie Outfit case: she grabbed the Magpie so fast we dropped the other two cases on the floor.

We also liked the Magpie’s optional keychain attachment for backpack, jeans, or wherever you’d like to hook your nano. The belt clip lets you attach the nano “upside down,” so you can glance down to see the display easily.

Magpie Outfits for iPod nano retail for US$24.95 and Maggie tells us that cases for other iPod models are coming soon.

More info here.

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  1. Hey LinuxGuy, the story had a real solid clue for you there… they showed it to a NINE-YEAR old GIRL. So no, they’re not thinking YOU will like it.

    Hey MDN, I’m okay with this stuff from time to time. I guess if I don’t like it I can go make my own Mac website. (Cough.) Anyway, my three school-age daughters are gonna LOVE their new Magpie Nano doodads.


  2. I realize that I am not the target market for these cases, therefore I have nothing to say about what I personally think about them beyond the fact that I will be buying one (Flamenco Lace with Red Trim) for my sister’s birthday.

    Normally I wouldn’t even comment, but certain posts above.. well, you know.

  3. Female Mac and iPod user here. I’m buying one. Probably something guys can’t see, but my female friends here at work all liked most of the Magpie cases. Ease up, guys.

    Ask your girlfriends if they like them, you’ll be surprised.

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