The Channel Insider: Dell is no Apple

“Instead of investing in the channel, the area most likely to produce sales growth, the vendor is trying to be Apple. The problem is Apple is cool and Dell isn’t,” Pedro Pereira writes for The Channel Insider. “PC maker Dell’s decision to open two inventory-less retail stores this summer… makes me wonder how many potential customers will be walking into the Dell stores at shopping malls in West Nyack, N.Y., and Dallas expecting to leave with a new laptop under their arm… I don’t know about you, but unless I am buying furniture, I expect to walk out of a store with my purchase.”

“Instead of investing in the area most likely to produce the results Dell needs—sales growth—the vendor is trying to be Apple. The problem is Apple is cool and Dell isn’t. In fact, there hasn’t been anything ‘cool’ about the vendor since “Steven, the Dell dude” vanished from our TV screens a few years ago,” Pereira writes. “Apple is image; it’s attitude. Using a MacBook at your neighborhood café says something about your nonconformist view of the world. But if you pull a Dell out of your bag, the only message you’re sending is that you presumably got a decent deal when you bought it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Using a MacBook at your neighborhood café says also says that you probably have used both Windows and Mac OS X, compared the two, and actually made an informed choice. If we see you, we’ll wave. You know why. It not just about “cool,” it’s really about “better.”

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  1. I guess that’s the point. Customers seeking a Dell will come away empty handed, then mosey on down to the other end of the mall to the Apple Store, which will satisfy the customer’s craving for immediate computing gratification.

  2. Another view – Apple owners are all paranoid about their appearance to others- hence they buy computers and ipods more often to have the latest thing; Dell owners shop for a better price.

    The computer is a tool; not jewelry to impress your friends. I can write just as good an e-mail in Windows as OSX, same with using Photoshop and every other program – it does not matter which OS I use, I am the creative one; not the OS.

  3. scottm4321: I think you are correct, he was pulled because of some pot thing. Maybe Dell should smoke some (ok, maybe allot) and maybe they’ll come up with better ideas. They obviously didn’t put the crack pipe down quick enough on this on the retail store thing. Really, what is the point??

  4. “Michael Dell, I purchased from Apple Computer. I knew Apple Computer. Apple Computer was a friend of mine. Michael Dell, you’re no Apple Computer.”

    Lloyd Bentsen – Former Senator and Vice-Presidential Candidate – 1988

  5. Gonzo:

    You are half write, the computer is a tool, and not jewelry. And it is the person that is creative, not the machine. However, as a freelancer that works on a number of different machines, I can tell you that the machine does have the ability to hinder the creative process.

    By far the Windows machines are the worst offenders. On one system (A dual 2GHz Zeon), If I run more than one Adobe product at the same time, I can almost guarantee a major crash. This KILLS the creative flow. On the Macs I typically have Photoshop, LiveType, FCP open at the same time. Sometimes DVDSP and Motion as well. This allows me to quickly swap and change files without an issue.

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