Adobe CS3 sneak peek shown on Apple MacBook Pro as Universal Binary application

“We got a sneak peek at InDesign CS3 today in a private press briefing. InDesign CS3 is not slated for release until Q2 of 2007, and it is extremely unusual for Adobe to discuss features this far in advance,” David Blatner reports for “However, while it was made clear that we saw only a small sampling of InDesign CS3’s feature set, what we saw proved that Adobe is not resting on any laurels. They are clearly committed to innovating and helping design professionals engage their audience.”

“The demo was run on a MacBook Pro and was clearly running as a Universal Binary program, showing that Adobe is indeed hard at work converting their programs to this new platform,” Blatner reports.

Full article here.

[Attribution: MacNN]

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  1. This has more to do with workstations than laptops. The PowerMac workstations are not out yet…and won’t be for a bit…though porting the apps is NOT that difficult (and yes they ARE complex but the port itself can be done in a few months)…It DOES have to do with Quark 7 which, while not an InDesign killer DOES have an established and fierce user base…

    You may see the CS3 apps sooner than you think…
    Depending on how sales of Quark go. Remember however that Adobe has a LOT going on right now. Absorbing Macromedia and doing a full integration of the tools and features, “Adobeizing” those tools and adding new and useful features that match or better Quark takes time too.

  2. ‘why so sure that adobe knew about the intel transition ? IBM whose G5 went into Macs had no idea, let alone adobe who is not a supplier to Apple’

    • Well it may have been late in the day but IBM did know because it was they who actually leaked the information before Apple announced it.

    ‘—- Strange but true, Microsoft actually developed the first version of Photoshop.

    Are you serious!!!!’

    • It was a joke notice the name of the poster.

  3. I’m still hoping that the experts are wrong and that CS3 will roll out at MacWorld 2007 (or at the very least individual components like InDesign might be available…)

    MW=length; we’re waiting an awfully long length of time for Universal Adobe apps…

  4. I will wait with buying the Intel ‘PowerMac’ (however it will be called) either till Photoshop CS3 is available or till I see that the performance of CS2 using Rosetta is double the one I have currently on my G4 DP 1 GHz .

  5. “Just add layers and plugins to Aperture — that’s all we need.” YES!

    I’ll be very happy not to have Adobe on my Mac in the future (I don’t count the Macromedia proucts in that).

    Bloatware has had its day – unless its in Windows VISTA, were it will be the perfectly in place and at home (and where you’ll need 2 gigs of ram to run VISTA, 2 gigs to run Photosop, 2 gigs to run InDesign).

    And lastly, the reason for Adobe (deliberately) taking so long with UniB’s is so they can add more bloat -make that more ‘functionalities’- and sell them as major releases and so to sting all its long suffering users for more thousands on top of the thousands we have spent with them already…well it won’t be from me if Aperture gets layers and plugins!

  6. thanks to apple with in particular the release of aperture, hopefully we are going to see the emergence of more work flow orientated applications, with less of a lean towards adding more and more baically useless features to hock off a new release.

    apple should release a photoshop competitor, but im not sure they will anytime soon, they have technicians working for adobe because they cant do it themselves, actually it isnt the current technicians at adobe they should be blamed, but the the top levels of adobe were not proactive in keeping the code up to date, and presumably didnt move to x-code when apple said they should.

    i do feel that pages may evolutionize into a pro app to be an alternative to indesign and quark in the future though.

  7. So the next version of Photoshop will be Universal. The real question is whether it will be an OS X app or a Windows app in OS X clothing. Adobe has made Windows their main development platform for Photoshop for a while now. Does anybody really expect them to add all the bells and whistles (ie. OS X technologies like Core Image) into Photoshop or do you expect another Windows port?

    If it is another Windows port, then I hope Apple gets serious about releasing a Photoshop killer. OS X is too good for another Windows port.

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