Adobe CS3 sneak peek shown on Apple MacBook Pro as Universal Binary application

“We got a sneak peek at InDesign CS3 today in a private press briefing. InDesign CS3 is not slated for release until Q2 of 2007, and it is extremely unusual for Adobe to discuss features this far in advance,” David Blatner reports for “However, while it was made clear that we saw only a small sampling of InDesign CS3’s feature set, what we saw proved that Adobe is not resting on any laurels. They are clearly committed to innovating and helping design professionals engage their audience.”

“The demo was run on a MacBook Pro and was clearly running as a Universal Binary program, showing that Adobe is indeed hard at work converting their programs to this new platform,” Blatner reports.

Full article here.

[Attribution: MacNN]

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  1. I’ve had it with Adobe.

    I’m sure they were made aware of the switch to Intel processors LONG before any of us heard about it, so they have absolutely NO EXCUSE for taking so damn long to release Universal Binary versions of Photoshop and Illustrator.

    Adobe would be nowhere without the Mac-using designers that have purchased those 2 apps, how bout showing us a little love back?

  2. Think of this from the point of view of a business person. You’ve got all these new Intel computers from Apple being shipped. To adobe this is a great chance for allot of extra revenue coming their way. So they had two choices port CS2 over and charge people a small amount for the update or wait 12-18 months for CS3 and make everyone buy a new version. If I were in there shows I’d make people wait. Not everyone upgrades from one version to another but anyone who runs CS2 on a Intel Mac will most likely buy CS3 unless they pirate. No reason to beat Adobe up, I run Photoshop CS2 on my stock 2.0ghz Macbook Pro fine. It’s a bit slow but thats to be expected, it’s nothing so dramatic that I can’t still do my work.

  3. IBM didn’t know about the move away from IBM? Wow.

    Adobe, on the other hand, was told emphatically to begin the move over to X-Code a year before the announcement, which makes it years ago by now.

    The top of Adobe has been shifting over to Microsoft for the past decade, and now their lack of innovation in an effort to keep parity between Windows and Mac is biting them in the arse.

    Just add layers and plugins to Aperture — that’s all we need.

  4. As a point of reference, Apple still hasn’t released a universal binary for Filemaker Pro.
    Give Adobe a break. The Creative Suite has three very complex programs, in case you’ve forgotten.

  5. I’m with McFly, give Aperture layers and plugins and I don’t need CS.

    Adobe is bending us over again to show us users who’s the boss. The time is right for a new streamlined bitmap editor. C’mon Apple, you invented MacPaint, give us the Photoshop killer!

  6. Adobe will keep making little announcements and gestures to make customers believe that the dual binary version is almost ready for release and to dissuade them from considering alternatives.

    Time will show whether customers were right to believe them, or whether they’re playing the same sort of game that Microsoft have done, where Vista keeps moving further into the distance, but is promoted as though it’s virtually completed.

  7. Yeah, Quark treated us like dirt during the OS X conversion and with the registration process, they’ve apologized and are working to regain once loyal customers (from an article in the latest issue of X-Ray)… what has Adobe done…?

    If it wasn’t for a processor change, I wouldn’t be upgrading, I’ve got black eyes from both companies. Come to think of it, the move to OSX was the only good reason to upgrade last time, Adobe and Quark owe Steve and Apple a big “Thank you!”. Wonder what Apple is going to do to make me buy all new hardware and software in 2010-2011?

  8. Pressured? –
    Yeah come to think of it I use most of the same workflows I used 6-7 years ago, very little of the updates are useful to me, others probably make great use of them. If it wasn’t for the intel move and the fact that we need to upgrade hardware this year, we just wouldn’t care. A delay until June of 2007 gives the boss all the more reason to push “less expensive” PCs.

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