CNET reporter: Apple Mac mini is my most ‘Vista Ready’ PC

“Last week, Microsoft released a test version of its ‘Upgrade Advisor’, a downloadable tool that aims to tell users how Vista-ready their system is,” Ina Fried reports for CNET News. “I decided to run it on all the systems I had at my disposal and found some interesting results.”

Fried reports, “Ironically, the machine that was in the best shape for Vista, at least according to the tool, was a loaned Apple Mac Mini with 1GB of memory. That system was Aero-ready, according to the tool, as long as I devoted more of the system’s modest hard drive over to the Windows partition. It needed 15GB of the drive to be free, and most of the free space was over on the Mac side of the house.”

Full article here.

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  1. Me thinks that Steve has many future plans for our PC friends to pull them over to the bright side. We will have to wait and see but I would expect more from Apple regarding Windows apps etc etc than anything coming out of Redmond.

    Vista indeed, Bahhh humbug!

  2. Admittedly I only skimmed the article, but to be fair, what machines was he comparing it to? Chances are the newer of any machines you chose to compare (unless we’re talking real budget) would be the most compatible.

  3. Is this how Microsoft intends to take over the Mac platform.

    Run some Microsoft program that says “Oh it’s a Mac, you need to partition 75% of your hard disk to Vista and 25% to Mac OS X.”

    I think it was a very bad idea to allow Windows to run natively on our Mac’s.

    People always assume that Windows will always be crappy and insecure. It was only like that for all this time because it served Microsoft to allow it to be that way. It created a vast IT services market that promoted Microsoft products.

    Now that there is competition from Apple, they are shaping up their act. That’s why Microsoft is coming out with their own anti-malware, why Symantec is suing M$.

    I think by allowing Mac’s to run Vista, it’s just a matter of time that Apple will turn inot a PC vendor.

    You do not invite your competition to compete on your own machines.

    Maybe Adobe is waiting to see Mac OS X on a PowerMacTel and what happens when Vista is released before commiting to developing a CS3 for MacTel.

    We might have to boot into Vista to run CS3. That would be the begining of the end of Mac OS X.

  4. What if you were a windows developer, and Apple somehow made it REAL easy to port over to a binary that EASILY compiled to both OS X *and* windows…something that rhymes with, oh, I don’t know, say “shepherd”

    I wonder how that might effect things?

  5. I checked the article:
    The most recent PC they tested was a four month old Compaq desktop that had shared graphics.

    I think this would compare with the release of the Mac mini. They weren’t using a year old PC.

    Get this: The article said a MS rep said the “problem” was with the Upgrade Advisor, which is in beta. HaHa, that’s always the MS sides excuse, we released something, it sucks but don’t blame us it’s beta.

  6. We are all in such great, fun times to be Mac users! Did anyone see the speed results for the Macbook running Final Cut Pro and Motion against tricked out Dual G5 workstations? Amazing, the lowly Macbook spanked the G5 in everything, and even beat the Macbook Pro in some tests. (yet Apple says not to use the little Book, prob becuase the want to upsell to the pro). So much for limitations of the graphics chipset!

    I understand the Macbook sreams under windows as well. I’m sure it’s vista ready as well, for whatever thats worth.

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