OWC debuts Mercury Elite-AL FireWire 800 Mirror RAID-1 solutions up to 750GB

Other World Computing (OWC) has expanded their Mercury Elite line with new OWC Mercury Elite-AL 800 Pro RAID-1 Mirror FireWire 800/400 Solutions from $399.99.

“The Mercury Elite-AL Pro RAID-1 Mirror Solution provides for high performance data needs while offering the security of a real-time, ‘mirrored’ backup,” said Larry O’Connor, president of OWC, in the press release. “For situations where you just can’t be too careful with mission-critical data, this solution provides the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.”

Taking data safety to the next level, the Mirror RAID design provides a seamless internal backup of all data – literally creating a mirror image of all data. In the unlikely event that the primary drive should fail, the Mercury Elite-AL Pro Mirror will automatically switch to the backup demonstrating no loss of data or production time.

“The Mercury Elite-AL FireWire 800 RAIDs combine a custom Oxford bridge with the most reliable disk mechanisms to provide the ultimate in performance and reliable operation,” said Jen Soule, OWC Sales Manager. “Using drives with a 7200RPM spindle speed and combining to feature up to a 32 Megabyte (MB) data buffer, these solutions deliver the FireWire 800 performance you expect.”

The following Mercury FireWire 800 Pro Mirror RAID solutions are immediately available:
• 250GB x 2 Mirror with 16MB Data Buffer for $399.99
• 320GB x 2 Mirror with 16MB Data Buffer for $449.99
• 400GB x 2 Mirror with 16MB Data Buffer for $619.99
• 500GB x 2 Mirror with 32MB Data Buffer for $829.99
• 750GB x 2 Mirror with 32MB Data Buffer for $1,219.99

All OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro 800 RAID-1 Mirror models are covered by a two-year warranty and come with EMC Retrospect Backup, Intech Hard Disk SpeedTools, SoftRAID and all required connecting cables. OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro 800 RAID-1 Mirror Solutions are preconfigured specifically for use with any Apple Macintosh running Apple OS X 10.2.x or later (including all versions of 10.4 ‘Tiger’) with an available FireWire 800 or 400 Port.

The full line of Mercury Elite-AL Pro 800 RAID solutions, as well as the single drive Elite-AL models available from $119.99, can be found here.

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  1. You can mirror their other line of Raid 0 drives, which are, for some reason, much less expensive than the new Mirror line for the same thing. I bought one a few months ago, went through the video tutorial offered by OWC on how to convert the drive to a mirrored Raid drive through Disk Utility and have been using it that way since with no problems. It is a really great, fast drive.

    (Remember when comparing the drives the Raid 0 GB’s will be the total of the two drives (so 800 = 2 400GB drives) and the mirrored drives are already halved (so 400 = 2 400GB drives)).

  2. Why not format this “article” as an “advertisement” and get them to give you some “money” for doing so?

    This article brought to you by the fine people at OWC. For all your mac storage and upgrade need there’s OWC. Ah, infomercials.

    While I’m certain the placing of stories like this will count when OWC et al decide where to place their ads, it’s wrong of you to be so critical/cynical about such stories. Mac users use these products and many welcome such product updates. This story offers Mac users much more positive value than the one where MS is scrimping on contractor’s pay to save a couple million$ for Bill.

    Or are you one of those Mac users who buys a package from Apple and never buys anything else until your next one?

  3. Please forgive my flippant remark (clever though it was and meant only in jest!). I look at OWC’s awesome site EVERY time I am thinking about an upgrade, and have bought several hard drives and memory from them in the past. I am even thinking of getting one of these very FW 800 enclosures! The only site that rocks harder than OWC is MDN! If it weren’t for MDN, I would have to look at work stuff on my computer.

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