Symantec sues Microsoft to halt Windows Vista development

“Symantec has asked a US court to order a halt to the development of Windows Vista, claiming that its rival is wrongfully incorporating Veritas storage technology into its OS. Symantec sued Microsoft on Thursday, seeking unspecified damages and asking the court to remove Symantec’s storage technology from a variety of Microsoft products, including Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and the upcoming Vista and ‘Longhorn’ Windows Server products. ‘We’re asking them to remove the technology, because it belongs to us,’ a Symantec spokesman said. The dispute centres around an August 1996 agreement between the two companies that granted Microsoft the right to use Veritas Software’s volume-management technology in Windows product. Symantec purchased Veritas in a $10.2 billion acquisition that closed last year. Symantec claims that Microsoft misappropriated its technology and even tricked the US Patent and Trademark Office into granting Microsoft patents based on Symantec intellectual property,” Robert McMillan reports for Macworld UK.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Halting the development of Vista needs a lawsuit? We thought that was an intrinsic attribute of “Vista development.” Anyway, Symantec is basically a parasite that’s very dependent of Windows’ inherent insecurity. Now that Mafiasoft has muscled in on their turf with an annual protection fee for Windows sufferers, Symantec probably sees the end of the line for the reciprocating gravy train known by the misnomer “Windows Security.” Why anyone would pay Mafiasoft to “secure” Windows is a good question, but Symantec is right to be worried. People buy Windows, they’ll buy Windows “security” subscriptions from Mafiasoft.

Before recently trying to butter up Mac users, Symantec tried to ratchet up FUD about Mac security and, because of that, we believe that Mac users should not purchase Symantec products. Otherwise, the spectacle of two horrid companies suing each other over an issue that’s basically nonexistent for Mac users cheers us greatly. One suggestion (although shareholders might not like it): before they shutter the doors for good, wouldn’t it be more productive if Symantec just sold the company and gave the money to charity rather than to the lawyers?

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  1. Last weekend, against my better judgement, I installed a copy of Norton anti-virus on the old Hypersonic PC I gave my folks when I left M$ behind a few years ago. NAV hit that PC like a bomb, crashing programs, corrupting .dll files, and (strangest of all)de-activating Windows. I had forgotten what a sh**ty experience Norton and Windows was.

    Happy ending to the story, though. I’m giving them my beloved lamp-base G4 iMac (sniff) and using the whole thing as an excuse for a new MacBook Pro.

    Life truly does have balance…

  2. I think the public should realize that Microsoft is doing them a favor by making Symantec obsolete. The whole norton suite is the biggest virus out there. The fact that they tried to sell it to Mac users is just funny.

  3. Hey got a inspiration for a “new” book, it will be about a Dinosaur company involved in a intricated plot to dominated the world, mafia software companies trying to conquer more zones, a serial killer software team killing all other companies around, italian restaurants meetings with the bosses, protests all around the world turning vilence and chaos, somebody’s getting pie on the face….yes, this will be my new best-seller !!!:coolmad:


    Speaking of “a “Vista-ready” sticker glued to a hideous laptop case that, when closed, could double for a bathroom scale. Have an ugly wait until next year (supposedly) for Microsoft’s kludge Windows Vista that will attempt to deliver some lesser percentage of Apple’s Mac OS X which we’ve been enjoying for years”…

    Dancing Monkey Boys says….

    “We were trying to link too much innovation together in Vista,”

    “It was beyond the state of the art of software development.”


    “Innovation is the introduction of new ideas, goods, services, and practices which are intended to be useful” according to Google.

    Mîç®ø$håf†’s pile of crap however, is DEFINITELY not innovation, or state of the art.

    Also, its Vapourware.

    Have fun with your Vista-InCapable piles of shit that run a stripped down version of what is already Crapware. Get a mac, idiots.

    Hehe, Mafia$$oft is going down.

    MDN MW=When, when will Vî$$$†å eventually be (in)complete?

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