Apple Boot Camp’s ‘Windows Insecurity Blanket’ helps buyers decide to switch to Macs

Dave Caolo explains how he sold two Macs this week over on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW). “I’m lucky enough to work at an all-Mac school. However, the majority of employees (as I’m sure is the case most everywhere) are PC users at home,” Caolo writes. “So we talked a bit and I showed them around my iMac, letting them play with a few of the iApps (photo sharing in iPhoto across two Macs via airport was a real crowd pleaser, I can tell you). Still, they couldn’t be swayed. Until I dropped the bomb, that is. ‘These can run Windows, you know,’ I said. ‘WHAT?!?’ Their eyes lit up.”

“I realized what was going on, of course: the security blanket effect. Knowing that their precious Windows is there, even if it’s never used (and eventually it won’t be) pushed them over the edge,” Caolo writes. “They’ve both since purchased Macs. The whole experience leads me to believe that Apple is going to sell a LOT of computers next year.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Well, since it’s Windows we’re talking about here, we’ve been calling it the “insecurity blanket” for nearly a year, but it means the same thing: Mac sales and market share increases. Before the very literal interpreters weigh in, yes, the example above centers on just two users buying only two Macs. Extrapolate.

Let’s face it, Windows-only users have no idea what they’re missing and most are not inclined to do a several hundred dollar “test” to see if they really like Mac OS X and the Mac platform. Imagine if they could feel “safe” in buying a Mac that can run their Windows that also happens to let them run Mac OS X. And we all know what happens once someone really gives Mac OS X a try—Windows quickly falls by the wayside. That’s why these Intel-based Macs will help expand Mac market share, if average people can be made to understand that the machines can run both Windows and Mac operating systems natively. Remember, it’s a good bet most of these average people (we’re probably talking somewhere around 70-80% of personal computer consumers) don’t even know what an operating system is; they think Windows is a personal computer; you know, the ones who think the “blue e” is the “Internet.” For most people, Macs will become the “2 for the price of 1” computer. Even for the nearly illiterate personal computer buyers, with a little Apple-supplied education via marketing, it would make little sense to buy a limited Windows-only machine from the box assemblers like Dell, Gateway, etc. Give them their “Windows Insecurity Blanket” upfront and they’ll throw it away themselves after they realize how tattered and threadbare it is in comparison it to Apple’s Mac OS X. – Stevejack for MacDailyNews from the article “Intel-based Macs running both Mac OS X and Windows will be good for Apple” – June 10, 2005

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  1. I was talking to one of the senior people at the company I work for. We’d talked about him needing a new laptop. He liked the designs of the Macs, and the Mac software, but wasn’t sure because he needed to run some very specific Windows only apps, as well as access the network via VPN.

    We talked again this week. I mentioned to him that Macs can now run Windows. His response surprized me. He said “Yea, using Bootcamp”. He was already aware of Bootcamp and I would guess that he’s already contemplating a new Mac purchase.

    Bootcamp is the secret weapon in Apple’s arsenel. I am considering a new laptop too. I have a Mac mini now, but would love to get a MacBook or a Pro.

    As for the AAPL stock. Own a bunch, very tempted to buy a whole bunch more right now with the low prices.

  2. MDN Magic Word: (ssshhh, quiet please) “human”, as in, “Macs are made for real human(s).”

    I know of several people who are getting Macs now. Talk about the “insecurity blanket” effect. It’s working…

  3. Oh yeah, Apple soooo wants to drop OS X and fire all those developers and burn all the bridges they’ve made with Apple developers…to sell Windows boxes. *smack smack smack* Begone, ye demons of stupidity! Hello, idiots! Yes, Apple wants to “Think Different” by telling us all to “Think the Same” and just use Windows! Apple is being lured to the dark side by the tempting performance of…Dell. Hello, idiots! Dell is making Dell DJs because the PC market is oversaturated with product and they’ve pushed their product plan to its logical limit and now have to expand into something besides computers. Don’t you understand? Apple exists to push Apple hardware and software! It’s the whole experience and as long as its the whole experience, it will never be about Windows!

  4. Apple needs some Pro Machines right now. Even a Core Duo in a desktop enclosure that allows a real video card and SATA disks on fast drive controllers would be better than too much more waiting for modern expandable machines.

  5. Stealth Marketing 101: It amazes mehow you keep up with these TRULY DUMBASS comments — You’re a natural-born BOZO! Are you this thick in real life? And you manage to live?

    BustingTheSkullsOfIdiots: Right On! Exactly!

  6. I managed to convince my thesis supervisor at University to buy a Mac mini for me to use at the Uni, rather than a generic PC tower (which was their first port of call – until now?). I’d have to say, the option of putting Windows on the machine was a point in its favour, and I also think that my supervisor was convinced by Spotlight searching on the Mac (which I had to detail in writing on the proposal – couldn’t get them to see a demo!). Actually, I think that if there are any specialised programs that we use, they’re mostly Unix-based – and the fact that the Mac can support them is another plus.

  7. Writing this from my new Mac Mini – been wanting to buy one for a while, long before boot camp actually. Nonetheless, boot camp made it far easier to justify and “take that final step” into a new world.

    I have to admit, as much as I love all this wonderful new stuff, it’s still been a little strange “losing” most of the power-user knowledge I have with Windows. But it’s been compensated for by the wonderful eye-candy and the amazing ease of doing what I want to do. It’s almost as if the disapointment is because I’m not needed daily to “administer” the OS, so all that’s left for me to do is actually use it….

    MW: level, as in whole new level…

  8. 99% of Mac users also use Windows or have used it in the past. Many of them are now also UNIX guys. Boot Camp eliminates the absolute need for multiple computers.

    Apple will eventually dominate the hardware market with superior products. Once Apple is on more secure market footing we will again see the innovation that Jobs is known for promoting.

    Apple will NEVER sell Windows boxes. NEVER with Jobs at the helm. He will take the whole corporation down or be fired obviously before that will happen. Before that would happen Apple will sell OS X for white box PCs. And take as many other box builders down with it.

    Microsoft is a lame duck and everyone knows it. Nobody uses Microsoft by CHOICE. Only by neccessity.

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