PC Magazine: Top ten questions and answers about switching to Apple Macintosh

PC Magazine’s Brian Bennett offers a basic top ten Q&A for those who still have questions about switching to an Intel-based Mac.

1. Should I buy a Mac-Intel PC now or wait until new systems running the new OS X 10.5 (code named Leopard)?
2. Can I run Windows and Mac OS simultaneously toggling between the two?
3. Can I play my favorite Windows games, like Doom3, on a Mac? What other games can I play?
4. At home, I have two Windows PCs networked via WiFi. How difficult will it be to add the Mac-Intel into the mix? Will I be able to share files between my Windows PCs and my Mac-Intel whether it’s running Windows OS or Mac OS?
5. Can I still use my old printer/scanner/wireless router or do I need to invest in a device?
6. I do a great deal of work in Photoshop, and heard it runs slower on a Mac-Intel computer. Is this true?
7. Will I be able to see my IE bookmarks in both Mac OS and Windows OS?
8. Does it slow the computer down to have both OS’s open?
9. Is the Mac surround sound interface compatible consumer electronic devices such as home theater receivers? I have a nice 5.1 living room speaker set up already.
10. Can I boot Mac OS X on a PC?

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: One quick note for question #2, “Can I run Windows and Mac OS simultaneously toggling between the two?” Although Bennett doesn’t mention it in his answer (he does later in question 8), you can do this with Parallels Workstation (US$$39.99): http://www.parallels.com/en/products/workstation/mac/

[UPDATE: 10:08am EDT: Added mention that Bennett writes about Parallels later in his list of questions.]

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  1. Finally Mac gets a serious look by PC Mag instead of the usual “yawn”. This is exciting stuff for the pc using world, a real alternative that’s always been there, it just took a different approach to get noticed, i.e. the iPod.

  2. He did leave off some obvious questions:

    11. Will I have to run the usual set of 3rd party security apps for spyware, firewall, antivirus, popup blockers, and disk defrag?

    12. Can I boot both OS’s on a pc?

    Of course, it’s “no” on both.

  3. Even worse! He knows about Parallels but doesn’t mention it in the direct question (can I run OS X and Windows together) only as a negative “it will put a strain on the Mac’s resources” in a related question. Sad, sad sad.

    Windows pundits are becoming really pathetic (or perhaps they always were and it is just becoming more apparent)

  4. PC World is just grabbing for hits. They of all people know better. It’s trendy to say Macs are great, so they do it. Please tell me one thing that’s truly better about buying a Mac when I could get a Dell for the same money and have $20 minimum left in my pocket.

    Going on about how much better Windows XP is may be the truth, but it won’t sell ad space, will it? It’s old, boring news, because Windows just works and has worked for years! What a world.

  5. That there was not more recommendation to wait until all the hardware and software problems that abound throughout the Mac community these days have been resolved if, in fact, they can be.

    I would say third or fourth quarter ’07 at the soonest before anyone ought to count on Macs working right again…. burning hot laptops, noisy operations, internal messes, OS crashes, and the biggie: virus invasion surrounding the Mac community and the total denial of that reality we are all facing.

    But, we all seem to be frantic over the WOW factor of our beloved Steve so we will continue to be the testers, ginny pigs, and dupes who cause Apple to fix problems they never admit even exist.

  6. “I would say third or fourth quarter ’07 at the soonest before anyone ought to count on Macs working right again…. burning hot laptops, noisy operations, internal messes, OS crashes, and the biggie: virus invasion surrounding the Mac community and the total denial of that reality we are all facing.”

    Doom, gloom, and agony!
    Hmmm … my Mac works right. But, then, It’s a 17 inch PPC Powerbook. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    I’m waiting until the desktop Pro Macs come out before I step into the intelmac universe. However, I don’t expect there too be too much of a problem. You’re assumption that we’re heading for virus city is just too much scare-tactics. Yes, I’ll be watching closely. Yes, if there is a real need for protection I’m sure we’ll all adopt it. But … I’m not just going to sit here and whine and complain that it’s coming when we DON’T KNOW how bad it will be … or, even, if it will be bad at all.

  7. Tumeric,

    Windows just works. LOL

    Windows just works if you back up important files, twice.

    Windows just works with firewall protection.

    Windows just works with Anti-virus and Anti-spyware protection.

    Windows just works if you reboot daily.

    Windows just works if you update AV definitions biweekly.

    Windows just works if you update the OS regularly.

    Windows just works if you defrag regularly.

    Windows just works if you instal a fresh copy of a program that starts to act weirdly.

    Windows just works if you buy a new computer along with a major OS upgrade.

    Must I go on?

  8. To: Surprised (or should I just call you Johnny?)

    Come on, dude. EVERY new model (Apple included) comes with problems. Always have. The first iMac G5 had heat problems. There are always bugs to work out. If you don’t want to deal with them, buy last year’s model, or wait for Rev. 2.

    And even when you consider these problems, they are always a minority of users. It’s not like every single MacBook Pro is being returned, because if it was, you’d definitely be hearing about it.

    And I’d like to see the track record for every other manufacturer. If there actually WERE accurate data about this sort of thing, I bet Apple would be at least as good as any other Rev. 1 hardware released in the market.

    And please show me where this virus invasion is, Johnny. Come on! You’ve been peddling this crud for weeks now and NO ONE is BUYING it. There IS NO VIRUS INVASION. If you want to install Boot Camp and get viruses on your Windows Partition, go ahead. They WILL NOT AFFECT the Mac partition.

    So keep crying, Chicken Little. Not happening. IF / WHEN there truly is a Virus Problem for Macs, I’ll worry. But I’m not worrying yet.

    MW: little, as in Chicken Little. I am NOT making this up! How do it know?

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