Close-up Apple MacBook photos (keyboard, glossy screen, and more)

“Apple Computer on Tuesday unveiled its newly designed MacBook consumer notebook, which features Intel Core Duo processors and a new 13-inch glossy widescreen display, elegantly wrapped in a sleek industrial design reminiscent of the company’s existing professional line of MacBook Pro notebooks. Together with the 15-and 17-inch MacBook Pros, the new MacBook completes Apple’s Intel-based portables lineup replacing both the iBook and the 12-inch PowerBook,” AppleInsider reports.

“A tipster who swung by an Apple retail store in Chicago was able to snap some of the first detailed photos of the black high-end model. The images show close-ups of the notebook’s glossy widescreen display, keyboard, built-in iSight, track pad, infrared port and completely magnetic latching system,” AppleInsider reports.

Full article with photos here.

MacDailyNews Take: What do you think about that keyboard? Apple states on their website, “MacBook features a unique new keyboard design that sits flush against the bed for a sleeker, lower profile. Plus, you’ll find a firmer touch when typing. That ought to make your fingers happy.”

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  1. Cool! With the new reflective, er, I mean, glossy screen, I’ll be able to see when my boss is sneaking up behinid me while I’m dicking around on the internet!!! Way to go Apple!!! It might make actually working on something through all of the reflections a little difficult, but a rear view screen! Brilliant!

  2. rdbvideo wrote, “I was hoping for a new replacement for my iBook. It’s not going to be this. Guess I’ll have to give up on the convenience of small and go with a 15″ Pro version.”

    I’m with you. Never have cared for glossy screens. That fact alone is the deal buster for me. Now that the MacBooks are out I too am considering a 15 inch MacBook Pro. If I had a choice of screen types, then the MacBook would have been my next computer.

    Hmmm… maybe the MacBook is clever advertising for the MacBook Pro.


  3. “And the thick one inch of black/white around the screen is awful.”

    This hasn’t changed from the last iBook to this new MacBook. You’re splitting hairs that don’t exist.

    And yes, the old clamshell iBooks use a springloaded clutch system rather than a magnetic latch.

  4. the keyboard feels strange at the begining but we get used to it. It’s just the looks like a big calculator.
    For the glossy screen it’s not that much of a problem : in the apple store (Southpark mall, Charlotte, NC) the reflections of the lights were not a probleme at all.
    BUT THE HUGE HUGE THING is that the screen is much better than the macbook pro : caracters are better, no bad edges, everything looks nicer and more detailed, going back to the macbook pro screen is really a difference : less bright, less sharp.
    For me it’s still a little overweight. The apple guys confirmed, the black one will sell like hell and is a pure marketing thing : hence the 150$ to pay ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. Well, you can have your opinion but dont spread FUD to those who haven’t seen one. Went to the Apple store yesteday and the GLOSSY screen is PHENOMENAL. So don’t let the partisans above fool you. The new Macbooks are slick, well-priced and the screen is AMAZING. Crisp. Clear. Even from a distance. The glare problem may also relate to people’s vision, so please check it out yourself. Whenever I show photos on my Razr phone to people, about a third of them have trouble seeing them, no matter the light or the angle. I have perfect vision so I am lucky, but vision is a very personal thing and some people seem to have trouble with ANY laptop or phone screen. For those of us who SEE the new screen will be a wonderful addition. I am so glad I went yesterday and looked at the screen. Having seen it in person I can laugh at the postings, all over the web, complaining about the screen. For me, matte finish screens are much harder to see, no matter the lighting. I have a G4 Powerbook and could not for the life of me figure out why the screen finish is so DULL.

    Finally, a GREAT screen on an Apple portable. I am thrilled you can also add this to a POWERBOOK. And, yes, I will take a rag and wipe the glossy scree now and and then. Of course, I don’t touch the screen but those posters who put fingerprints everywhere, then, well, duh, you will have to wipe off the glossy screen.

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