Symantec CEO: We think more people ought to buy Apple Macs

“It doesn’t appear that Symantec CEO John Thompson’s next computer will run Windows. ‘We think more people ought to buy them,’ Thompson said of Apple’s Macintosh computers, in response to a question from the audience at the Future in Review conference on Monday,” Tom Krazit reports for ZDNet.

“The ‘target-rich’ environment created by Windows vulnerabilities means that virus writers and hackers have set their sights on Windows PCs, he said. However, Thompson noted that if more and more people did go out and buy Macs, virus writers might change their tactics. And many attacks are increasingly of the phishing or identity theft variety, which targets computer users independently of their operating system, he said,” Krazit reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Symantec is worried about Mafiasoft’s move into Windows security subscription software. Why anyone would pay Mafiasoft to “secure” Windows is a good question, but Symantec is right to be worried. People buy Windows, they’ll buy Windows “security” subscriptions from Mafiasoft. What a racket, huh? Mafiasoft obviously can’t fix Windows itself and why should they even continue to try? That would nullify the $50 annual protection fee that they want to charge Windows sufferers. Anyway, after Symantec’s anti-Mac scare tactics from the last year or so in particular, we would not recommend that Mac users buy anything from Symantec regardless of what CEO John Thompson tries to pull.

As usual, do not download/click email attachments from untrusted sources and continue to use your heads; you’re Mac users, you’re smart.

For the record, we think more people ought to buy Apple Macs, too.

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  1. Sorry GooMan,

    I believe that Mafiasoft covers it nicely – and honestly.

    Computers are not refrigerators. The megalopoly that we kindly refer to as Microsoft doesn’t just keep our food cool, or get us to work, it actually controls the infrastructures of our society. For many of us the issue(s) with MS is/are not simply market place/share monopoly, its how much of the world does one company actually control.

    Ultimately, the position MS is in market share-wise is the consumer’s fault – mostly the enterprise consumer. But I keep believing that we consumers will wake up before its absolutely too late, and begin to redistribute some of Bill’s wealth for him, and stop putting all of our technological eggs into one company’s basket.

    When Apple, Linux, and please dear God evermore OSes, push MS down to 50% market share or less, then I’ll feel comfortable resuming our ideological debates about whose OS is better – because right now, that’s not really the point.

  2. And more to the point, let me add:

    This latest ruse by MS to presume to be able to stop virus attacks and phishing on its OS is all about power and control of the duped masses. It is nakedly mafioso.

  3. Loganson:

    33, and no we are not all juveniles here. It is a mixed bag. Bad comes with the good I suppose. In addition, many posters are trolls just trying to stir the pot. The majority, however, I believe to be genuine, even if it is sometimes genuine stupidity! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    MW – freedom: I’m glad we have the freedom to behave like fools.

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