Symantec CEO: We think more people ought to buy Apple Macs

“It doesn’t appear that Symantec CEO John Thompson’s next computer will run Windows. ‘We think more people ought to buy them,’ Thompson said of Apple’s Macintosh computers, in response to a question from the audience at the Future in Review conference on Monday,” Tom Krazit reports for ZDNet.

“The ‘target-rich’ environment created by Windows vulnerabilities means that virus writers and hackers have set their sights on Windows PCs, he said. However, Thompson noted that if more and more people did go out and buy Macs, virus writers might change their tactics. And many attacks are increasingly of the phishing or identity theft variety, which targets computer users independently of their operating system, he said,” Krazit reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Symantec is worried about Mafiasoft’s move into Windows security subscription software. Why anyone would pay Mafiasoft to “secure” Windows is a good question, but Symantec is right to be worried. People buy Windows, they’ll buy Windows “security” subscriptions from Mafiasoft. What a racket, huh? Mafiasoft obviously can’t fix Windows itself and why should they even continue to try? That would nullify the $50 annual protection fee that they want to charge Windows sufferers. Anyway, after Symantec’s anti-Mac scare tactics from the last year or so in particular, we would not recommend that Mac users buy anything from Symantec regardless of what CEO John Thompson tries to pull.

As usual, do not download/click email attachments from untrusted sources and continue to use your heads; you’re Mac users, you’re smart.

For the record, we think more people ought to buy Apple Macs, too.

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  1. The last thing I remember is yelling at Jeff Bridges, who was wearing a bizarre wet suit, to GET OUT. He kept droning on and on about a giant ape riding a unicorn. He shouldn’t be allowed near tequila.

  2. Mac OS X built-in Dictionary:
    bogart |ˈbōgärt|
    verb [ trans. ] informal
    selfishly appropriate or keep (something, esp. a lit marijuana cigarette). ORIGIN 1960s: from U.S. actor Humphrey Bogart (1899–1957), who often smoked in films.

    God I love Mac OS X !!

  3. I just tried to ResEdit myself. Holy cow. That hurt just a little. Someone please take the hex off.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

  4. $ymantec and its CEO are charlatans.

    Any Macintosh user that gives these devious little bastards there hard earned cash pretty much deserve to get screwed by $ymantec.

    MDN “Magic Word”: girls, as in, well, girls.

  5. “devious little bastards”

    Oddly enough, that’s the name of John Thompson’s amateur cross-dressing punk band that frequents certain Redmond hotspots. They are huge Ramones fans.

  6. A lot of the phishing or identity theft scams out there don’t have anything to do with viruses or worms, but often good con artists who spam e-mail saying something like “You need to confirm your username and password with your MBNA America credit card.” The user clicks on the link in the e-mail, and they go to a fake site that looks very close to MBNA’s actual site.

    There’s nothing Symantec can do to protect people from this, except to somehow block the spam e-mail, which it doesn’t really do and is almost impossible to keep up with. Symantec can’t innoculate users from their own ignorance or stupidity (such as responding the the Nigerian/Ivory Coast plea to give you millions of dollars if they can just use your bank account for two or three days).

    The fact is that scammers are becoming more and more sophisticated, and firms like Symantec are going to see their market share steadily decrease as Mac OS X gains market share, Microsoft charges suckers (I mean innocent people!) into paying to protect it’s own security holes, or people simply do without because they’re sick of paying for software that mucks up and slows down their PCs.

    And eventually people will wise up and tell Microsoft that they won’t accept crappy operating systems anymore, just like they wised up on buying crappy cars in the 1970s and started demanding quality products, and are starting to demand fast food places actually sell you real food without loads of chemicals, etc.

  7. I love Apple just as much as the next guy here and I’m typing this on my PowerMac but the Mafiasoft thing is so stupid.

    How hard is it for Linux/Apple fanboys to type MS instead of M$ or Microsoft instead of Microshaft/Mafiasoft/etc.?

  8. Regarding phishing scams:“There’s nothing Symantec can do to protect people from this, except to somehow block the spam e-mail, which it doesn’t really do and is almost impossible to keep up with.”

    There is a way and people are implementing this now (this technique is used in many Windows spam and mail programs and will probably be adopted by Apple as well in future versions of Apple Mail). It’s similar to Authentication Certificates:

    “Sender authentication framework makes it possible for the software to technically verify that an email message was received from the sender indicated on the message itself. Using SPF (Sender Policy Framework), a standard domain authentication scheme….”

    Basically it makes sure the email is coming from where it purports to be coming from. If not, it will be stamped as unverified. It just validates that it is coming from said domain.

    I recently read about a very clever phishing scheme where you receive an email and it says it’s from your bank and they warn you about phishing scams. So they tell you to call a number – well, at the end of that number is a VoIP Box. It sounds just like your bank’s phone prompts, guides you right through punching in your credit card number or bank account info using the phone keypad and saves all your info. You can read the story here:

    And here:

  9. GooMan,
    You make a good point. This forum seems to draw juvenile comments and posters. Just look at all the bathroom humor that seems more appropriate for a junior high locker room. I should just leave and not come back, but I guess I am addicted to the discussions here. That’s sad.

    Just curious. What is the age of the posters here? I’m 38.

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