News Corp.‘s MySpace to sell episodes of Fox’s ‘24’

“News Corp.’s will begin selling episodes of Fox’s “24” next week as part of a plan to turn the popular teen Web site into a business rivaling Yahoo! and Apple Computer’s iTunes, according to the Wall Street Journal. MySpace, one of the fastest-growing Web properties, will begin selling episodes of the show “24” for $1.99 each from seasons one and five, the report said,” Reuters reports.

“A spokesman for News Corp. could not be reached for comment,” Reuters reports.

Full article here.

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  1. If their video download service is anywhere near as reliable as the main myspace website then we can all just forget about this being even remotely useable. This is pointless. this is equal to Microsoft deciding to sell cars.

  2. Hallelujiah!

    This means FINALLY someone’s rejecting Apple’s anti-competitive techniques and will actually offer TRULY hardware-independent content (iTMS for the iPod crowd, and MySpace for everyone else.)

    That assumes the MySpace offering is Windows Media. Unless this is just a link to the iTMS purchase. Which would be L-A-M-E.

  3. Hey PC People,

    Why can’t you play something from the iTunes Music store on your computer? Why does an iPod have to factor into it? How is being in windows media format making things available to everyone? MS no longer makes windows media for the mac but iTunes music store is available for mac and windows. I truly don’t understand these points that PC people like to bring up as the don’t conform to logic. Especially since the windows media format ranks at the bottom of quality as far as media file types goes (as determined by an independent source).

    Many iPod owners on here don’t have an iPod because it is Apple. They own one becuase there isn’t anything else better on the market. I have tried many and still don’t find anything that is as easy to use as an iPod. The “Other” players are difficult to navigate and are less than stellar in their design approach. However, one possible exception might be the players from Samsung. We welcome competition for Apple, as it keeps them sharp, but thus far there hasn’t been a noteworthy competitor.

  4. This isn’t going to work for long, ISP’s are already considering charging high download sites more money for video and other bandwidth/money making ventures.

    Eventually this will progress us to a faster, more capable internet which we all sorely need.

  5. “How is being in windows media format making things available to everyone?”

    Umm, because Microsoft licenses their DRM to anyone/everyone. By contrast, Apple is a closed door that no one else is allowed to use.

    Apple will learn that eventually when they are alone in the corner. (again) Keep watching the number of content providers such as the TV networks happily bypassing Apple.

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