Independent security researcher says Apple’s latest Mac OS X fixes fall short

“Apple Computer released its third major patch this year for the OS X operating system on Thursday, fixing 31 software vulnerabilities in a range of products that could be used by remote attackers to compromise Mac OS systems,” Paul F. Roberts reports for InfoWorld. “But independent security researcher Tom Ferris told InfoWorld the latest patch doesn’t cover other critical holes he reported to Apple, and that he may soon publish the details of those flaws, too. Security Update 2006-003 was published on Apple’s Web site and includes software fixes for holes in OS X, the Safari Web browser, and Mac components for viewing image and video files. Included are fixes for a number of security flaws publicized by Ferris in April.”

“Ferris said there were still holes in Safari, QuickTime, and the iTunes application that he reported to Apple but were not patched in the latest release. He did not publish details of those holes on his Web site in April, but he described them as critical flaws that allow remote code execution,” Roberts reports. “Ferris said he is considering releasing the details of the unpatched holes on May 14 on his Web site. He also says he has found new holes in OS X affecting TIFF format files and BOMArchiver, an application used to compress files. He did not provide details about the flaws or proof of their existence… Officially, Apple downplays security holes in its products and new OS X attacks — which are still rare compared to those targeting Windows systems. But some security industry insiders have suggested that the company should appoint a chief security officer to coordinate the company’s response to security. An Apple spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.”

Full article here.

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  1. It is finally admitted: They both suffer from broken bones

    Using OS X will not save you from security problems! It definitely is exactly like Windows. With both you may suffer from the same problems.


    <above is the usual idiotic Windows user take on news of released security patches for OS X. And they glee on the news. Sux big time being such tools>

  2. Re: If it were easy…

    It would have been done by now. Would you Apple to have withheld all patches until all were ready? OS X computers range from most g3 models on PPC through all G4-5 desktops and laptops through new Intel CPU systems in a wide variety of configurations. Making sure that a software patch closes the hole without opening others, breaking functionality on multiple CPU, GPU & hardware combos is not as easy as finding them.

    Funny, that sounds exactly like what a Windows apologist will say when an Apple zealot says something bad about Windows patches. Just substitute “various versions of Windows”.

    I’m not saying one is better than the other, just pointing out the double standard that exists around here. Then again, why should I be surprised?

  3. Nothing is bullet-proof if you have a big enough bullet or have really good aim.
    Like in myth and lore, Achilles had his heal, and the Death Star had the exhaust port. There is always a vulnerability somewhere. But knowing where it is, is a lot different than being able to get to it and cause trouble. I have yet to hear of a “serious” attack on Macs.

  4. What are the names of all these new viruses, trojans, and spyware out there for Mac OS X? I would appreciate it if our enlightened visitors were specific, so that I can write down the long list and cry into my soup.

    I appreciate you guys telling me how bad off I am. I had no idea!

  5. Ok guys, I need help with my dad’s imac. He set it up and has been using it in Admin mode for 2 years now. If I start a new account all his stuff in the Admin account is not there. What is a good/easy way to get him off Admin account and start a regular account and get all his stuff over???

  6. I need help

    Go into Accounts in System Prefs and create a new admin account. Then demote your Dad’s account to a user account by unticking the “Allow user to administer this computer” checkbox. Come out of System Prefs and open the Terminal.

    Use the command: login <name of your new admin account>
    Use the password you’ve configured.

    You now need to take a look at the directories your Dad’s account is still the owner of, since his account will still have full permissions to them, so they’re still vulnerable. Most of these will be in the Applications directory.


    cd /Applications


    ls -l

    to get a list of all the folders and the permissions applied. Each app is a folder, so iPhoto shows as, but it’s actually a folder containing other files.

    Any folders that are shown as owned by your Dad’s account need to have the ownership changed.

    Do this using the CHOWN command


    sudo chown -R <new admin account name> <folder name>


    sudo chown -R EdgeleyAdmin

    Type in the password again to run the command.

    Repeat as necessary. This will protect most things, although you should also check /Library to ensure that your Dad’s account doesn’t own anything in there too.

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  8. Outta KoolAid: That’s why competition pushes product development. Slightly O/T: What incentive does Adobe have for improving their products now that they’ve swallowed their only main competitor whole?

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