Apple releases Front Row 1.2.2

Apple today released Front Row 1.2.2 which provides a variety of fixes for better reliability.

Bugs fixed in 1.2.2 include:

– Addresses bugs that prevented song shuffling within playlists
– Front row no longer says the server was not found when its waiting for a large movie trailer or long shared video to load
– Corrects bugs that prevented authorized Audible Audiobooks from playing
– Fixes a variety of DVD compatibility issues
– Purchased movies located in the Movies folder are now correctly recognized
– Includes a variety of fixes for VoiceOver accessibility
– Fixes a bug that prevented Front Row from reconnecting to shared video libraries after wake from sleep

More info and download link (4MB) here.

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  1. I hope by faster you mean “somewhere near acceptable”.

    Because with my large (20,000+) iTunes library, Front Row was unusable. I love the look of it, but I wouldn’t even show it off to make friends jealous, because I would get the little “spinning thingy” for ages every time I moved from menu to menu.

    I’ll have to give it a try after downloading this update.

  2. blucaso

    Well, put it this way. When I used to select Music, there was a lag of up to 10 seconds whilst iTunes was loaded and my library processed. Now it’s pretty much instantaneous.

    I have just over 2000 items in iTunes.

  3. I wonder if it’s going to disable the Front Row I unabled with FrontRow unabler. Front Row works great on my Dual G4. I’ll wait to hear from others about that.
    BTW, I control Front Row with my bluetooth phone and it works great.

  4. blucaso, maybe you should think about segmenting your iTunes library. I read about a utility a few months back (I think it was in MacWorld mag) that allowed you to have multiple iTune libraries and switch between them easily.

    I know it’s not as good as having everything in one library, but you might find that you could break your library in half or thirds and get good results. This way you could at least enjoy using FR while listening to your music.

    Sorry I don’t remember the name of the utility, but if you can’t find it online from MW, Versiontracker might help.

  5. S
    “I just downloaded MediaCentral for my powerbook. For anybody that doesn’t have front row its a nice replacement and its free.”

    -I use it as well it works great. The best part is that you don’t have to use the new ILife. So if you are still using IPhoto 5 then this is the way to go. Oh yeah if you have also ripped your DVDs for backup from mactheripper they also play on this as well.

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