Apple files applications for multipoint touch screen, media file patents

“Apple Computer filings published on Thursday show the iPod maker to be working on multipoint touch screens and an advanced media file format that embeds sale and marketing information,” Prince McLean reports for AppleInsider. “A filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office made on May 6, 2004 and published for the first time on Thursday describes a ‘multipoint touch screen’ that relates to ‘a touch screen capable of sensing multiple points at the same time.’ According to the filing, the touch screen is comprised of a pixilated array of transparent capacitance sensing nodes and would appear as a transparent panel that is positioned in front of the display.”

McLean reports, “A second company filing, made November 5, 2004 and also published for the first time on Thursday, describes a ‘digital media file with embedded sales/marketing information.'”

More info about both filings, including illustration, here.

Macsimum News has more details and illustrations here.

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  1. They file a new patent like this every day.

    BTW, mac market share isn’t that bad. around 3-5 percent of the desktop computer market sounds bad, but the number one competitor only has 15 or something. Just sayin’, at 5% apple is far from the bottom of the barrel, and they are definitely growing fast!

  2. Thanks MDN — for reporting this patent filing by Apple. I found it interesting — regardless of whether or not it translates into an actual product.

    Let’s not hear all that whining about patent filings not being newsworthy like we did last time MDN posted. It can still be interesting — and you may get a good idea from it yourself — or maybe not!

  3. This new media format sounds to me like a way to embed the DRM buyer’s data with the DRM media. That way, if it is distributed over file sharing networks and the like, there is a way to trace it back to the original source, for “accountablility”.

    This is interesting because on the one hand, it totally smacks privacy in the face and on the other, there should be no concern for privacy if the only one using the file – per the EULA – is the owner.

  4. Maybe the file with embedded user info (be it music or video) would be capable of being played on multiple devices, as long as the owner of the file inputs their data ‘key’.

    This would get around only being able to authorize one or two (or is it five?) computers/iPods being able play songs/videos downloaded from the iTunes store.

    MDN word: ‘many’. As in “I can play this AAC song/video on my iPod(s), G5, PB, MediaCentre, etc, etc…

  5. Prediction:

    Apple will unveil a new polymer used for touchscreens that absorbs oils left behind from human skin. The oil will be channeled into fuel cells that will power said device. It will also make french fries. Very, very crispy french fries.

  6. R:

    Sh*t… now you’ve gone and done it. You mentioned “french” as in ‘french fries’. Big mistake, you know the cognoscenti on here, 1) hate anything French and, 2) you ought to know they’re called “freedom fries!

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