‘Mac security’ garbage reports continue to proliferate

“Mac users are facing an onslaught of security threats — and reacting to the malware is no longer considered a good strategy Taking proactive measures against phishers, spyware, ID thieves and other Web threats, like downloadable rootkits which infes operating systems, is the new norm,” Gene J. Koprowski “reports” for MacNewsWorld in an article with the would-be-funny-if-it-weren’t-so-sad headline “Developers Struggle to Defend Macs From ‘Zero Day’ Attacks.”

“During a conference call with reporters, experts affiliated with the SANS Institute indicated that there has in recent weeks been a “surge” in attacks on the Apple OS X platform. The growth in Mac vulnerabilities, according to Alan Paller, director of research at SANS, comes as there is a decline in the critical vulnerabilities found in Windows services. Part of the problem lies in the Web browser that many Mac users rely upon — Internet Explorer,” Koprowski “reports.”

Full “piece” here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’re just going to stop the Koprowski BS Express right in its tracks at this random point of ridiculousness. Our stats show the browsers in use to access MacDailyNews (which obviously receives a high concentration of Mac users) in the month of April 2006 as follows: 63% for Safari / Safari RSS / “Mozilla Compatible Agent,” 13% for Firefox, 6% for NetNewsWire, 6% for Internet Explorer, 3% for MacReporter, 0.77% for Camino, etc. You get the point: even with a large group of Mac users stuck on Windows machines at work and using IE, our stats show just 6% accessing our site via IE (about which we’re extremely happy, BTW), so Koprowski’s statement that “many Mac users rely upon Internet Explorer” is as wrong as wrong gets – just like the rest of the FUD contained in his “report.” What’s Koprowski going to do next, an exposé on how it’s likely going to pour rain every day in Phoenix according to Arizona-based umbrella manufacturers and retailers?

Give us a break already! We’re not buying crap antivirus software for our Macs for no reason. If anything, run the free ClamXav, if you want to be a good network citizen and help protect Windows sufferers from their operating system’s inability to do so properly. More info and download link here.

Gene Koprowski is a UPI Technology Correspondent:

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  1. Expect more.. the drum beat from the drive by Windows MS appologist press has only begun.

    Wait until Apple starts really sinking its teeth into Windows marketshare…

    MDN keyword “nothing” as in be surprised by nothing you read in the MS propaganda press.

  2. MDN, I found your stats interesting. As I am one of those IE have to use Windows at work people. I visit here more from work than home. Only 6%, that is pretty good!

    What a bunch of crap that story is. It really ticks me off because many folks will believe it.

  3. I can’t tell you how many virus issues i have had with my various mac over the past 10 years . . . . .

    Because I have not had any.

    I sure know a handful of Windows Slaves that have had them though

    MDN Magic Word: Taken

    If you belive this, you’ve been taken.

  4. Does IE even work for the Intel Macs? Mine doesn’t seem to do much more than beachball and render half a page. That product isn’t even supported anymore. Apple needs to build a script that checks for IE on every startup and remove it without permission.

    At my mega-corporation we do not see users with Mac-IE. A handfull of poor souls with Mac OS 9 are still out there, bless them.

    A “surge” of attacks? The only surge I know of is the surge of Windows users switching to Mac.

  5. “designed by IT guys”

    That kinda sounds like the oxymoron “Military Intelligence”. Most IT guys I know don’t even know what design is, or they hate Mac users because a lot of them are designers and they know they could never be one.



    Wait a minute..my mac has been online 24/7 for 4 years (except for the occasional hurricane outtage) and it has never been attacked by hackers or adware. That is it hackers attack when there are hurricanes!!!

    I understand now!! I GOT IT! Okay everybody here is what we do. a) Disconnect your Mac from the internet whenever there is a hurricane over Miami. This is obviously when the hackers attack. b) Ask the honest hard working Windows pundits to run their OS X tests outside of hurricane season too so we can get average year round vuneralbility numbers.

    Please tell everyone you know not to run their Macs when there is a hurricane over Miami. Also use Microsoft products b/c they do not ever succumb to 3rd rate hacker attacks.

  7. It’s almost time to call IE “Internet Exploiter”? Almost time? Then criticize Firefox?

    Where do the Mac users come into any of this? They talk about huge Windows threats, but I don’t see the Mac threats.

    What does this have to do with the Mac?

  8. “…an exposé on how it’s likely going to pour rain every day in Phoenix…

    To see if it’s “going to pour rain every day in Phoenix”, I use Dashboard, which I am told is Exposé for widgets. It scrolls like butter!

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