Attention Apple Legal Dept: ‘Apple G6 Macintosh-Clone Computer’ being sold online

The “PowerPC G6 Macintosh” retails for US$499 and boasts specs and features including:

• “Apple MacOS X86”
• “Apple Mac Compatible Computer”
• “Apple G6 Macintosh-Clone Computer”
• “G6 CPU:90nm 3800MHz SSE3 Central Processing Unit Intel Pentium4 3.8GHz SSE3 Prescott 64-bit PowerPC-G6 Processor Intel Inside 284KB Memory On-Chip”
• “800MHz Express i915GV System Bus Mainboard”

It’s from which currently yields a single line text message, “Server Down.”

Those in the market for an “Apple G6 Macintosh-clone Computer” can find out more at’s product page here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “bd” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s legal department are probably quite interested in this one. You just have to love that one of the thing’s names is “PowerPC G6 Macintosh” and inside it has a “Intel Pentium4 3.8GHz SSE3 Prescott 64-bit PowerPC-G6 Processor” — whatever that is.

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  1. And they take credit cards including “Discovery” – this is so obviously a foreign scammer selling vaporware it’s amazing. You’d be lucky (if you somehow managed to get your money to them) if they shipped you even a box, much less a box with any computer parts inside it.

  2. its a hoax company… I called the phone number that they list and its just a Fax noise for both numbers. If anyone is daring and rich enough try and buy one and see what you get. I love the accessories you can order “World’s Highest Quality Digital Camera Beautifully-Crisp WideScreen 8.61MegaPixel 848×480 Video 5.6X Optical Zoom” doesn’t even list a brand. Worlds best camera? wow a sucker born every minute

  3. actually is a very legit site. Its very useful for startup companies building hardware and such. As to the clone, its a joke, but Apple can bust them for selling OSX if they dont have a license and GM can sue them for using “G6”

  4. Alibaba is a business directory site that’s very popular in the far east. some scammer pretended to be our company and said that they were selling cheap ipods and xboxes. it took me days to get to the bottom of it and have it removed.

    looks like this kind of thing is rampant on there.

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