Apple adds new easy .Mac iDisk Public folder access via web browser

.Mac members, Apple has announced a new simpler way to access iDisk Public folders with a browser. Simply entering the URL now produces a page that automatically includes download links for whatever’s currently in membername’s Public folder. All you need to do is give the URL for your iDisk Public folder to the friends and colleagues with whom you share. They’ll see and be able to download whatever is in your Public folder, whenever they visit the page.

You can also let friends and colleagues use your iDisk Public folder page to upload and share files themselves. Just select the iDisk pane in .Mac System Preferences and pick the Read/Write option for your Public Folder. You can even add password-protection if you want to limit access only to those you give the password to. If you add password-protection, your visitors will be prompted for a password when they first visit your Public folder. Note: your visitors should enter “public” (without the quotes) in the Name field when prompted for the Name and Password by Safari. Finally, it goes without saying but we’re going to say it again anyway: You can only legally share what you own and have the right to share.

The .Mac blog posting is here.

MacDailyNews Note: We’ve tested this with Safari and Firefox for Mac and it works well with both browsers.

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  1. This is great. It was possible to use the iDisk from a PC but it wasn’t really easy. This is much better. I also feel like Charlie, I am much more likely to justify my yearly subscription with this new feature.

    .Mac has been improving over time, I just hope they increase the pace of innovation…

  2. This service just keeps getting better! My main initial attraction was email for me and off-site backups for my wife. The latter is worth the $99 per year fee. Added bonuses – like the Backup program and Wingnuts game – have provided significant added value every year since I converted my iTools account.

    This is more an “improved feature” than a “new feature”, but it might as well be new – as Dutch said: It was possible to use the iDisk from a PC but it wasn’t really easy. This is much better. It was so “not easy” I seldom bothered. Next they need to fix the access limitations. It looks like your login currently covers the entire Public folder … it ought to cover only folders or files and associate logins with “group” status. Maybe it does that now, in which case they ought to explain it better.

    Get it for a year. Make sure you grab a copy of Backup 3 first thing. It could be worth the price of the subscription all by itself! Then maybe check out Secure Chat and the stuff in the Members Only folder.

  3. MacConvert,
    Cute! Hadn’t thought of that. Yes, the first year’s subscription fee is about the same as the price of a 1MB thumb drive and now it’s nearly as convenient to use. We used it that way on the house LAN until I added a SAN to the mix – 250 GB in multiple shares is much more convenient than 1 GB in one share, a GB that also houses two web sites and some backups.

  4. Just a bit about .Mac. The iDisk features are easily worth $20 of the $100 yearly fee. This makes it far easier to do what I do most, which is recieve files from people via the disk.

    .Mac and iLife is also really slick. One click publishing from iWeb, Photocasting in iPhoto, etc, etc. I also just noticed that the iWeb photo pages have a much better slide show if you are using .Mac.

    I also love the mail alias feature. I just wish I could have 10 aliases instead of the current 5 limit. Its great for dealing with spamming websites.

    Its nice to have email that doesn’t change when my ISP changes too.

    yeah, I know, I’m a tool. But I like .Mac.. its definitely a good value at $99/yr.

    MDN Magic Word: Gives – as in, the service that keeps on giving. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  5. more OLD news from MDN. This has been around for almost a year. The only change is it is now enable for password free Public folders. Before there was no way in via web interface if if you chose to share your Public folder with NO password.

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