Apple adds NBA Playoffs and Finals 2006 recaps to iTunes Store

The 2006 NBA playoffs are heating up and just in time, you can follow your favorite teams on iTunes. Pick one of the remaining eight teams and download full recaps of every game that team plays from the Conference Semifinals through the Finals. You can also relive your team’s action-packed year with our exclusive season recap video available at the end of the season. Plus, get episodes of “Inside the NBA on TNT,” featuring the award-winning TNT Studio team of Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley.

NBA Playoff Teams available:
• Cleveland Cavaliers
• Dallas Mavericks
• Detroit Pistons
• Los Angeles Clippers
• Miami Heat
• New Jersey Nets
• Phoenix Suns
• San Antonio Spurs

iTunes link: NBA Playoffs and Finals 2006

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  1. As an AAPL investor, I love it. Apple needs to go after and place onto iTunes all of the sports video content they can find. This will generate iPod sales. I know that what I said is obvious, but these stories of new content on iTunes for various customer demographic catagories add up to a lot of new iPod customers for Apple.

  2. “Not available yet in US store”

    This is cool, as I don’t have extortionarily priced cable TV.

    As far as soccer goes, it’s the second most boring activity of all, right behind golf. Any game that uses a ball but you can’t use your hands, well that’s just plain stupid.

  3. Anyone who says soccer is “boring” has never really watched it. You need to watch more than a single World Cup match between two tentative sides too terrified of losing to really play. Turn on MLS some Saturday. Yeah, our league may not be up to European standards, but they can put on an exciting show.

    Oh, and I suppose NFL football is more exciting than soccer? Lets look at a simple statistic. There are 60 minutes on the NFL game clock. The games take over 3 hours to play. So what’s happening for the other two hours? That’s right, NOTHING! Contrast that to soccer, which doesn’t have commercial interruptions because the play goes non-stop for 45 minutes!

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