Intel’s next-gen Conroe, Merom processors to be dubbed ‘Core 2 Duo’

“Intel Corp. on Monday plans to unveil a single brand name for a new generation of chips for laptop PCs and desktop machines, calling them the Core 2 Duo,” The Associated Press reports. “Core 2 Duo will phase out the Pentium 4 brand for desktop processors and the Core Duo for laptop chips. The older brands were based on two different designs. The chips, code-named Conroe for desktops and Merom for laptops, are scheduled to start shipping in the third quarter… Intel also plans to announce it will name a high-performance processor for computer gamers the Core 2 Extreme.”

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“Customers will be able to distinguish the CPUs by their sequence numbers. Intel did not announce those numbers, but sources told TG Daily that the mobile chip will be offered as T5000 (2 MB L2 cache) and T7000 (4 MB L2 cache) series, while the desktop version will be named E4000 (FSB800) and E6000 (FSB1066) series. The letters in the sequence number indicate the thermal design power (TDP) of the processor: ‘T’ is used for a range of 25 to 49 watts and ‘E’ for 50 watts or greater,” TG Daily reports. “Intel did not announce the clock speeds of the new Core Duo processors. Reliable sources, however, informed us that Core 2 Duo T will be available from 1.83 to 2.33 GHz and Core 2 Duo E from 1.6 to 2.66 GHz at launch. The desktop family will also get a high-end “Extreme” version, which is rumored to come with a clock speed of 3.33 GHz and a 1333 MHz front side bus… Intel now confirmed that Conroe will be shipping for revenue in July and Merom in August. If Intel is able to keep the pace of its traditional time-to-market tracks, then we should be seeing first Conroe systems in early September and Merom notebooks no later than in October of this year. “Woodcrest” the server version of the Merom core is expected to launch slightly ahead of Conroe and will be named Xeon 5100 series.”

Full article here.

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  1. Love the numbering scheme. Sounds like the old Performa days…

    In fact, it reminds me of that sketch in Meaning of Life just before Cleese teaches sex ed when he talks about putting your coat on a hook and various other things.

    Maybe I’m just tired?

  2. conroe in particular looks very promising. when jobs said he liked what was on intel’s roadmap, i bet he had his eyes on conroe on forward. everyone was bitching about how apple “lied” to its customers by making the switch to intel.

    if there’s anyone who still believes that, read the following.

    when apple, back in the late 90’s and early 2000s, was making comparisons of its powerpc chips to intel’s pentium ii/iii/4, they weren’t lying. in a lot of ways, the ppc was faster than their intel contemporaries, and all that mhz myth stuff was true. look at the athlon 64 for how the mhz myth had NOTHING to do with ppc itself. a64 trounced the pentium 4 in almost every way, and always did so at a much lower clock rate – just as G4s did before pentium 4s became absurdly scaled.

    intel made a mistake with the p4. they realize it. notice how all their chips are going to be lower clocked? 3.33 at the highest? the p4 hit 3ghz a few years ago. intel has decided that not only is performance-per-watt important, but, um, so is PERFORMANCE-PER-MHZ.

    ibm, on the other hand, did nothing for apple (who cares about such a small customer?).

    if apple switched to intel and all intel had to offer was updated pentium 4 cpus, THEN YES, apple would have lied to you. but these new intel chips really do look like they’re going to shake things up. core duo is just the beginning.

    i really hope new macbooks (non-pro) are coming soon! =)

  3. yeah, the model numbers aren’t that creative. i doubt apple will mention those in their specs – they’ll just say “core 2 duo at x.xx ghz.”

    or maybe apple will do just as they did for motorola/ibm. i mean, how often did apple’s spec list say “motorola 7410” or “ibm 750gx”?

    G4 was G4, whether a 7400, 7410, or 744x. G3 was G3, not 750 or any such nonsense.

    if jobs were at apple in the mid-nineties, 60x based CPUs would have been G2s and 680x0s would have been G1s, perhaps. =)

    inversely, if amelio were still head of apple in the late nineties – provided it survived that long – you’d have probably had five-digit model numbers for the G3-based macs. The Power Macintosh 10010, 10050, and 10100 models, or the Performa 10013, 10053, 10055 and 10103. included software was the only difference. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    ah, okay, i’m going to bed now…

  4. Yes, Core 2 Duo fairly rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

    Then, they go completely opaque with calling the portable processors the “T” series, and the desktop processors the “E” series. Something wrong with the mnemonic “P”ortable and “D”esktop series? Duh!

    Oh well. Maybe a few more years association with Apple will bring them around.

  5. As long as they dun name it like ZPH-3640, DC-Tz7850H, those type of thing.

    I find Nokia has the most confussing brand in the whole world. like after 6620, 6100, 6180, 6……. I’m confused!

    Apple is clear, from G3, G4, G5, next perhaps should rename- F1, F2, F3…. But G is still sounds a lot nicer, like G-force.

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