Toronto’s Apple Store Eaton Centre grand opening photos

Apple Store Eaton Centre, Canada’s second Apple Retail Store located in Toronto, Ontario (the other is Apple Store Yorkdale) celebrated their grand opening today and MacDailyNews reader “MacMania” has posted photos of the event via Flickr.

More info about Apple Store Eaton Centre can be found:

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Toronto’s Apple Store Eaton Centre grand opening this Saturday, May 6 – May 02, 2006


  1. I agree with LJ Gould, Apple and Montréal is a perfect fit, like bagels and cream cheese (or as a Montréaler would say… Smoked meat and Schwartz’s)
    What a vibrant city that is.

  2. West Edmonton Mall, still the largest entertainment and shopping mall in North America and the third largest in the world, receives over 4 million visitors per year. International travel agencies offer discount deals for tourists to visit and shop ’til you drop. A great place for an Apple Store!

    Talking to Big Al about Edmonton is like talking to a Windoze user about a Mac. Ignorance is bliss, and Big Al must be a very “happy” guy?
    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    MW = when
    as in, it’s a matter of when it will happen, not if.

  3. West Edmonton Mall encompasses 5.2-million square feet of total floor space, 800 stores (including 8 department stores), a 360-room hotel, and 110 restaurants and eating places. A full-scale amusement park with 47 different rides, an ocean-wave swimming pool with sand beach, an aquarium, a miniature golf course, and a wedding chapel.

  4. Big Al, LJ Gould , etc

    Apple closed their corporate office in Calgary several years ago.
    Simply not enough reason for it to exist there as the penetration of Apple into anything beyond publishing and education was nil.

    There was no justification for it as nearly none of the big businesses in town had anything but Windows.

    An Apple store in Calgary might find similar conditions to the corporate market and so simply not be sustainable regardless of how much money there is.

    Apple puts stores where there’s a decent population (Calgary is still too small) and a rasonable user base (Toronto surpasses Calgary there)

    magic word : market (as in one has to exist before Apple put a store there)

  5. Okay big “M” Macaholic, you’re probably right. It’s just the first time that I have seen your “handle” on this board.

    Isn’t this just… er… a reader feedback thing? It’s not a forum.

    Anyway, cheers! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  6. How many existing Apple retailers are there in Calgary? or Edmonton? How big is/are the store(s)? Ratio of population to # of stores?
    The GTA is the largest population centre in Canada, and when you toss in the surrounding areas, you get a whole whack of people. There are a number of existing retailers as well (for now, but that’s another discussion). It’s not about how ‘rich’ the residents are, it’s about how many and if they actually BUY Macs. (Calgaraians always seem quick to point out the money in their town, even if none of it is their’s). My part of Canada (near Toronto) has 500,000 people in 4 closely spaced cities, along with a reasonable amount of Mac users from what I can tell. We have 1 Apple dealer. (A good one, too)

  7. Calgary, Alberta is home to the head offices of the Canadian oil companies (exploration and production), and is closing in on 1 million citizens.

    With a highly educated population, a lot of disposible income and probably the largest city in Canada in areal extent – it is the ideal place for an Apple store.

    There are a few really good Apple certified retailers in Calgary, so the city is well served already. But a corporate store there would certainly lift the image of Apple in this rather conservative-mided city.

    Calgary is the fastest growing city in Canada.

  8. macaholic:

    Who’s your good Apple Dealer?

    Mine (Canadian Computer, west of Toronto in Oakville) is pretty good, but options are good ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  9. The two newspapers publish with Macs, but they’re System 9, if that.

    I think they’re running into problems. Many of the hand cranks have fallen off the sides of the beige boxes, and no one makes replacements, anymore.

  10. It’s true that Edmonton has a lot of well educated visitors to the West Edmonton Mall. Tourists don’t buy computers. Most locals are so stupid they don’t even use Windows.

    The best thing coming out of Edmonton is the highway heading south to Calgary AB.

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