Toronto’s Apple Store Eaton Centre grand opening photos

Apple Store Eaton Centre, Canada’s second Apple Retail Store located in Toronto, Ontario (the other is Apple Store Yorkdale) celebrated their grand opening today and MacDailyNews reader “MacMania” has posted photos of the event via Flickr.

More info about Apple Store Eaton Centre can be found:

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Toronto’s Apple Store Eaton Centre grand opening this Saturday, May 6 – May 02, 2006


  1. The photos on Flicker don’t dont do it for me. They failed to capture the general ‘sexy’ feel that the apple design has. However, in the photographer’s defense, he was probably in a hurry to get in there and buy a new mac, and then in even more of a hurry to get it home and fire it up.

    Regards, Mac Lovers,
    Von Switched Rock

  2. It’s cool to have a “real” apple store in toronto, the yorkdale one is tiny.

    I hope that “carbon computing” doesn’t have their sales hurt too badly
    by this corporate store, they are an awesome independant mac retailer
    only a few miles from the Eaton Center.

    mdn word: living (as in I’m living in TO)

  3. I grabbed a few quick shots to give people a “feel” for the new Apple Store in the Toronto Eaton Centre. It’s much more spacious than the first Apple Store in Canada at Yorkdale Mall (just 30 min north of this one).

    I don’t have stats to prove it, but I bet Toronto has at least double the average of Macintosh market share (whatever that really is). So it would have been nice to see a real statement rather than the two conservative shops Apple has opened in Canada so far.

    But hey, they’re better than nothing, right?

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  4. I agree, Calgary should get an Apple store as well, as should Vancouver, Winnipeg, and most especially Montréal. (The vibe in Apple store and the vibe in downtown Montréal would go very well together).

    Halifax would be another spot, but I don’t know it well enough to say whether it should go there as well. But I’m not in charge of Apple’s Canadian retail strategy, and I don’t have the market-share numbers to really make the strategic choice.

    I guess Toronto is a start; hopefully we’ll see more Apple stores before too long.

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