The Joy of Tech suggests tweak for new Apple Mac TV ads

The Joy of Tech has a unique suggestion for Apple’s new “Get a Mac” advertising campaign.

In addition, their “JoyPoll” asks:

What best personifies “Mac” to you?
• A hipster in jeans and a hoodie.
• An artsy dreamer with his head in the clouds.
• An intelligent, hot babe who helps you get stuff done.
• An arrogant metrosexual.
• A nice guy driving his family around in a minivan.
• An overpriced and lazy man-whore, with too much make-up on.
• All of the above.

See the comic and vote in the poll here.

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  1. How about a guy with no life that hits refresh 100 times a day for the latest article on MDN? That’s me. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. It’s not who Macs appeal to, it’s what type of person you think would embody a Mac were a Mac a person. Personally I think my Macs are female hence they have female names. Sydney (Bristow) and Veronica (Mars) so far and am toying with Lisa (Miller) for my new iMac.

    Of course ideally the PC would have been some old bloated shell of a human being covered in open sores and carrying any number of infections but then the advert would have been uncomfortable to watch.

  3. A Lexus (Mac) vs a Ford Escort (PC). Both work but which one would you rather drive (Especcially if the Lexus had a hot babe and an iPod connection and the Escort had your old aunt).

  4. Bah, this has nothing to do with cars. People always comparing Apples to Luxury vehicles. Sure the Lexxus may have more bells and whistles, but the escort uses less gas, and has better fuel economy. In the end you could be driving more and have more money in your pocket, or crying because gas prices are tearing a hole in your pocket. I really don’t see the comparison, because both fill a niche. Apple and Microsoft both make operating systems that compete for the same niche, and I guarantee that you may pay more for OSX and Apple, but this is a case where you are actually getting more than you pay for…

  5. I will soon be switching from a PC to a Mac. The reason I am switching is the amount of maintenance necessary on the PC. So I would say that the PC is the super high maintenance babe that is great “if” you have everything just right and a nightmare if not. The mac is the normal girl. And we don’t need the “normal” girl to be all alternative or trendy, just normal. Like jeans and a nice shirt, nothing fancy.

    The PC would be decked out to the nines but goes crazy if one thing is wrong.

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