Apple CEO Steve Jobs may visit New York City to cut ribbon on glass cube

“Apple Computer chief executive Steve Jobs may make a rare appearance in New York City later this month to help the iPod maker cut the ribbon on a high-profile retail store in the heart of Manhattan,” AppleInsider reports.

“Industry contacts who sometimes receive advance notice of Mr. Jobs’ public appearances say the Apple boss had been a “definite” to make the trip cross-country until a few weeks ago. More recently there has been talk that Apple may tone down the launch of the highly anticipated flagship location and that Mr. Jobs may elect to remain on the west coast for the event, these contacts say,” AppleInsider reports. “The 20,000-square-foot retail store in the underground concourse of the General Motors building at 767 Fifth Avenue, between 58th and 59th Street in Midtown, will begin serving customers 24-hours a day sometime later this month. It’s expected that the store will open on or near the fifth anniversary of Apple’s first retail store on May 19th. A hollow $9 million 32-foot glass cube designed and paid for by Mr. Jobs will rest atop the subterranean Apple heaven, like a jumbo gemstone marking the entranceway to the retail extravaganza.”

Full article here.

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  1. Hmmm. Steve Jobs may preside over the opening of New York’s Fifth Avenue Apple Store or he may not. Well, that covers all the bases, leaves no stone unturned, and shines a bright light on the subject. Thanks, MDN, for that fascinating expose, hard hitting story, and dynamically useful and potently powerful information. Next time post some fluff and filler that is really completely irrelevant and insignificant, I can only wrestle with so much breaking news each and every day.

  2. Thank you, macnut22.

    MDN repeating an asinine remark by Appleinsider is an example of an even lower form of propagation of human nonsense by promoting the diffusion of irrelevant and inconsequential generalities.

  3. macromancer:

    Which story?

    The one that Steve Jobs may be presiding over the opening of the Fifth Ave Apple store, or the one that Steve Jobs may not be presiding over the opening of the Fifth Ave Apple store?

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