Report: Apple TV ad campaign to launch next week will be for Macintosh

“Apple Computer is planning on hitting the airwaves with ads geared around the Mac next week, CEO Steve Jobs said Thursday at the company’s annual meeting,” Tom Krazit blogs for CNET. “Jobs revealed the plan in response to a shareholder’s question as to why Apple hasn’t taken more market share over the past few years..”

Krazit writes, “Jobs didn’t offer any details on the campaign or any potential new products that might be showcased in the ads. Next week marks the start of the May sweeps period, when television networks break out the season finales to boost ratings during a month when local ad rates are set.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This is the first report we’ve seen that explicitly states “Mac.” All other reports we’ve seen mention that Jobs talked about a “major” or “exciting” ad campaign “to launch next week,” and do not mention the actual subject of the ad campaign. Krazit may be inferring Jobs’ statement to mean “Mac” television ad campaign due to the question posed by the shareholder.

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  1. It’s most likely going to be another one of cyrptical Mac ads, short in duration.

    However it might be longer, after all the PowerMac G5 commercial was quite long and resulted in such demand that Apple had to design the Dual 1.8Ghz to maximize IBM’s production capacity.

  2. Man o man, Apple is going to have a commercial on TV. A first no doubt and that´s why I am so excited about this.
    An apple commercial.
    An apple commercial.
    oh thank you dear Steve, I will turn off my Apple computer and turn on my TeeVee.

    I think I will sing a song:
    “Nobody but Apple owners care about an Apple ad,
    That´s why I am really sad.
    It will be dumb and ineffective,
    That´s ´cause it was written by the Steve.
    It will have swoopy action and look real cool,
    but it won´t sell a single computer to PC fools.
    The Music will be hip, maybe even rap,
    but most people will say the Apple ad is crap.
    The Apple Ad won´t work that´s comin´on TV,
    That´s ´cause it was written by the Steve.”

  3. Actually Apple stock has seen it’s value increase much more than 100%. Don’t forget that the stock split at about $80 and is now back up around $70.

    If you bought Apple just 2 years ago you would have made over 300% return.

  4. Lets count up how many Apple TV ads were not as good as they should have been…


    1. G3 – Tanks move in on a WMD

    2. Snail with Intel chip – while it got the message across that intel chips were slow, it really didn’t do anything else.

    3. Dancing Intel Bunnies on fire – might’ve been funny for the people in the know, but that’s it.

    4. G5 blows the house down… dumb.

    5. Super Bowl HAL Commercial. If you are going to spend millions of dollars, get the damn point across! No one knew what this ever was about.

    …. and the list goes on.

    Show the OS, iLife, plug and play, security non-issue – in other words
    hit people over with a 2×4!

  5. i agree with Bjorn, in that i think this might be the launch of the new iBook (macbook)

    No rumours no press buzz, just “Bang” new macbook on your TV right here, right now.

    i certainly hope so ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />


  6. Actually, on April 25th, 2003, Apples split adjusted stock price was $6.67. Today it closed at 70.39. So in 3 years and 3 days, Thats 1,055% if you would have held it the whole time. So if you had invested $10,000 it would be worth $105,500.

    On the same day in 2003, MSFT was valued at $25.21 and today closed at $24.15. I dont even need to do the math to realize that Microsoft has been a shitty long term investment.

    Just get your facts straight when you post stock info, it doesnt take a whole lot of research –

  7. It couldn’t possibly be just Boot Camp-based. Can you imagine it? ‘Macs are so easy to use. And hey! If you don’t think so, just go download this beta software, mount the .dmg, whip out your fully licensed copy of XP Pro SP2, burn a driver disc, partition your drive, install XP, install the drivers. Simple!’
    I LOVE the Mac, and I think that Boot Camp is a great opportunity to expand market share, but not with Mom and Pop and Brad and Krystal who think that the icon for ‘the Internet’ is a blue E.

  8. If it is a Mac ad campaign this board is sure to be littered with people complaining about it. Anything short of an infomercial isn’t going to please those who have no understanding or marketing or branding.

  9. ^^^ yah, your right, it sucks that most people that post comments here actually know whats going on on the planet they live on.

    gotta dumb it down for the ‘average’ windows user

  10. How can they advertise…when it’s just a beta?

    That never stopped MS. I’m surprised they don’t have the Vista campaign in full swing yet.

    Fortunately Apple is not MS. Never advertise an expiring beta like Boot Camp; wait until the real thing ships.

    Anyway it’ll be interesting to see what Apple does, as usual.

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