Report: Apple TV ad campaign to launch next week will be for Macintosh

“Apple Computer is planning on hitting the airwaves with ads geared around the Mac next week, CEO Steve Jobs said Thursday at the company’s annual meeting,” Tom Krazit blogs for CNET. “Jobs revealed the plan in response to a shareholder’s question as to why Apple hasn’t taken more market share over the past few years..”

Krazit writes, “Jobs didn’t offer any details on the campaign or any potential new products that might be showcased in the ads. Next week marks the start of the May sweeps period, when television networks break out the season finales to boost ratings during a month when local ad rates are set.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This is the first report we’ve seen that explicitly states “Mac.” All other reports we’ve seen mention that Jobs talked about a “major” or “exciting” ad campaign “to launch next week,” and do not mention the actual subject of the ad campaign. Krazit may be inferring Jobs’ statement to mean “Mac” television ad campaign due to the question posed by the shareholder.

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  1. It’s time. Apple can now advertise Macs on TV and when the unknowing public buys a Mac and finds out they cannot run their Windows application on it…They be instructed to install Boot Camp and remain a happy customer who will then start looking closer at OS X. Prior to the Intel move and Boot Camp, the sale would have resulted in a return to Apple and request for refund. This is why Apple has not advertised much in the past. People who don’t understand computers would order it and *assume* it ran Windows. Well, now they can assume it does. Because it does. But, it won’t out of the box and they’ll get introduced to Mac OS X.

  2. Hey, WinFanBoys . . .

    Seen your stock price lately?

    As of this writing it’s $24, down from yesterday’s close of $27.25. Gawd.

    Three years ago a MSFT share sold for about $35, meaning that over that period of time investors have lost 30+% of their invested dollars. Gawd!

    On the other hand, AAPL also sold for about $35 per share three years ago–resulting in an almost 100% increase in investors’ capital during that period.


    Methinks the Redmond Rocket may be falling out of orbit. (Pity the poor fools at MSFT who took stock options instead of up-front pay, huh?)

  3. Agreed – I can’t realistically see these ads as being about anything other than Boot Camp. If so, it’s yet another frustrating move by Apple’s PR i.e. promoting Windows rather than OS X.

  4. Apple is going to have a TV commercial! Dude, this is the most exciting thing EVER. I’m going to go buy a TV and call in sick next week.

    But wait – I’ll bet I can count of MDN to provide a detailed transcript of the commercial, can’t I? WHEW, now I can keep showing up at work.

    MDN rules.

  5. “Come on Steve, let the world see OSX. Show ’em some eye candy – Expose, User Switching, and App switching. Throw in a little iLife. Add a cool tune.”

    And throw in a shot of the terminal for a touch of Geek freakage. CLI on a Mac? You betcha.

  6. Apple’s commitment to TV advertising is so weak that when word of a new campaign gets out, it becomes news.

    Really sad.

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