Apple applies for ‘smart’ touch-screen virtual keyboard, wireless iPod remote control patents

“Apple Computer has filed patents for a ‘smart’ touch-screen virtual keyboard, a two-way screen and technology that enables an iPod and host device to wirelessly operate as one,” Candace Lombardi reports for CNET. “One recently published patent covers a new method for ‘activating virtual keys of a touch-screen virtual keyboard.’ The virtual keyboard learns which keys are touched more often than others and adjusts the sensitivity of each key accordingly. Certain keys are given more weight over others, depending on the likelihood of the person pressing one key over another.”

“Another patent essentially turns an iPod (referred to as a ‘personal media device’ within the patent) into a remote control for another host device such as a TV or computer. The host device can be used as a monitor that reflects what is happening on the iPod screen,” Lombardi reports. “The patent also says that the technology enables wireless transfer of digital media between the two devices.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “kevin” and “glacy” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: It’s a veritable patent-fest so far in 2006 for Apple.

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  1. As for the second patent… I already have this to some degree. Salling Clicker… I can control things like iPhoto and PowerPoint via my Palm and see the same things on the palm. Nice little app…. It will also control the DVD player app..

  2. Tom, don’t stay talking to those Mac-idiots! Come back to us Windows types- don’t just leave us because we’re physically hideous. The Truth is what counts- and what two things could be more True, more Seamless, than Windows and Scientology? Bring fashion back to our ugly slums . . .

  3. It is OBVIOUS to me that this sensing tech will NOT be used as a ‘cam’ but will be used as the touch interface, opticle sensing, not pressure sensing… this will allow apple to bring up the touch screen keyboard by just putting your hand near the screen, and I am sure it will fade in and out depending on how close you are to it

    isight replacement = no
    best touch screen interface on the planet = yes

  4. Its just looking for naked chicks and uploading all the photos directly to steve

    “Please place your chest on the screen for secure authentication.”

    OSX 10.6 with native nipple detection

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