Microsoft CEO Ballmer urges bosses to sack as many underperforming staff as possible each year

“Steve Ballmer, the chief executive of Microsoft, urged British businessmen yesterday to follow his example and sack as many underperforming staff as possible each year,” Christine Buckley reports for The London Times. “Mr Ballmer, whose personal worth is $14 billion (£7.8 billion) and who seeks to dismiss 6.5 per cent of his global workforce every year, said of the best number of staff to axe: ‘Whatever you think you can do better with, you should double that. All companies of all sizes should be asking themselves that question.'”

“Microsoft, which has 61,000 employees, aims to push out 6.5 per cent of its staff each year who are not doing their jobs well enough, Mr Ballmer has been quoted as saying,” Buckley reports. “Yesterday he urged British directors to make similar radical cuts. He told the Institute of Directors’ (IoD) conference at the Royal Albert Hall in London: ‘The real question is never: ‘Are people not good enough?’ The real question is: ‘Can you do better?’'”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Stuart” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Does the irony just cascade off his fat, shiny pate? Mr. Ballmer, meet Mr. Mirror. No, don’t vomit, squint hard: it helps… some. Ask it why Microsoft shares have flat-lined (actually, they’ve declined) for the past six plus years? No, no, geez, do not ask it who’s the fairest of them all! Ask it who’s ultimately responsible for Microsoft’s innumerable failures and illegal activities over the years? Hey, ask it when Vista’s going to ship? It probably knows better than anyone in Redmond. When you’re finally finished, quizwhiz, follow your own bloated advice and say the words “You’re fired.”

Now, from our perspective, we’re glad Ballmer won’t follow our advice. Nothing’s better for Apple than keeping the old, delusional Dancing Monkey Boy on the bridge, eating mayonnaise with a shovel from the looks of it, while the S.S. Redmond flounders.

[UPDATE: 11:16am EDT: Revised take as per BuriedCaesar’s suggestion below.]

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  1. doesn’t surprise me, with that extra paranoid crap M$uk threw out yesterday as “anti-piracy”, they should just keep doing what they are doing, I don’t give a crap, to quote a famous starship captian. “Then let them die!”

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