ZDNet First Take: Apple’s 17-inch MacBook Pro 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo

“With a solid array of components, a terrific set of features, and the lightest weight of any laptop its size, the 17-inch MacBook Pro is a power user’s dream; its base price is also much higher than the 17-inch PC competition’s,” Justin Jaffe writes for ZDNet. “With roughly the same specs as the 15.4-inch model, we can already predict much about how the 17-inch MacBook Pro will perform. The Intel Core Duo processor should deliver performance that’s on a par with the fastest PC laptops, and we can expect the ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 GPU to handle graphics better than the PowerBooks’ ever did.”

“The base configuration of the 17-inch MacBook Pro costs AU$4,599 (US$2799) — the same as the 15.4-inch model when configured with a 2.16GHz processor. We still think that’s a tad expensive, but it’s definitely a better deal than the 17-inch PowerBook G4 was,” Jaffe writes.

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MacDailyNews Take: Please name the “17-inch PC competition” that can run Mac OS X and Windows and tell us how much that’s worth. [crickets chirping contentedly] Hello? Failing that, please regale us with the similarly-equipped “17-inch PC competition” which is priced much lower than Apple’s 17-inch MacBook Pro.

Macintosh. You get what you pay for (and more).

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  1. Apple doesn’t need to become a “dominant PC company” to significantly affect their bottom line. A market share gain of only 2-3% (a realistically attainable goal) will double their profits. Higher market share gains are probable over the next few years.

    As far as the pricing of their laptops, compare similarly-equipped machines from other vendors and then let’s talk. The hardware + software combination CANNOT be beat. Anyone who thinks otherwise has never used OS X or the Mac-specific software app’s for any length of time.

    Talk to any switchers, recent or of old — there you’ll find your answers even more so than from long-term exclusive Mac users.

  2. “macs are like legos”… What does that mean? A simile should be a bit more obvious if your intent was to use such a device.

    Also, the Caps Lock is located above the shift key on the left side of the keyboard. Remember, when you are trying to put emphasis on something the proper spelling is “too” not “to.” Please use the caps lock and dictionary when necessary. It would also be “Macs are like legos;” (semi-colon) then the rest of your sentence. If you put in a comma it is just a comma splice in a run on sentence.

    Seriously, if you are going to try to insult people you cannot have this many grammatical mistakes. All these mistakes really take away any chance you have at being effective in your point. It’s just a kind word from a mac user to try and help you better your argument. We are happy to debate you but not if you are so unprepared. The person who starts shouting first in any debate always shows lack of confidence in his/her position.

    I won’t even get into the inherent psychological problems the commentor has when he/she has the need to post such things in the first place. I would like to suggest this site http://www.psychology.com/ to aid you in your emotional problems. You can find a qualified therapist in your area.

    Best of Luck,
    a mac user

  3. Something that we’re going to have to get used to is the fact that most of these tech pundits lack a certain amount of critical thinking skills. Don’t get me wrong, $2,800 *IS* a lot of money but when you compare what you get for that money to what ever else is available there’s no doubt that that’s the best 17″ lappy your $2,800 can buy. Furthermore, it’s the ONLY one that runs OS X, XP, Linux, Solaris, etc.

    See, critical thinking – not emotive reactions.

    MDN MW:”growing” – Yeah. Growing.

  4. I know I shouldn’t encourage the grammatically (and intellectually) challenged CAPS LOCK TWIT, but in spite of the fact that he bellittles people who want to pay too much for RAM and the ocerpriced 17 inch MBP (his words), all I can say is……I can’t wait until it is available in Canada. I am dying to own, what I consider to to be the world’s BEST (sorry for the caps but I am sooooo excited) laptop.
    MDN magic word = years…as in CAPS LOCK JERK must be 10 years old judging from his writing skills.

  5. Fred

    Yes, I’m aware of the train of thought. I just don’t think the fact that Macs can now do Windows (unsupported) is such a big deal… it’s as if we Mac users have missed something all these years.

    The MacBook Pro is a fabulous machine. If BootCamp gets a few fence sitters to jump that’s fine, but I don’t think it should be touted as a major feature.


    Woah, ease up on that caps lock key. Well, every PC maker overcharges for RAM, whether it’s Apple or Dell. Buy your own RAM and install it yourself… it’s easy and cheaper.


    Here in Fort Wayne, Comcast offered speeds seven times faster than Verizon’s DSL service for about 3 times as much, and people started getting the Comcast service. So many people switched that Verizon accelerated the deployment of their next-generation FiOS service to keep market share. They priced FiOS @ $35-45 as compared to Comcast’s $54.95 and got a lot of market share. In response, Comcast kept their price the same, but boosted their speeds so it was faster than FiOS. More people here choose Comcast, despite the higher price (at least in my neighbohood, but that’s becasue FiOS isn’t deployed here yet). It’s proof that smart people choose on value, not price.

    MDN MW: “addition”, as in your addition doesn’t add up

  7. iThink,

    I cannot disagree more. The whole Boot Camp thing (hopefully to be virtualization or better in Mac OS X Leopard) will do more for Mac sales than anything ever has before. I have a couple of friends in Apple Retail Stores who cannot believe how many Macs are selling now (to first-time Mac buyers) since the Boot Camp media firestorm.

  8. Just for kicks, I tried to compare a Dell Inspiron E1705 to the new 17″ MacBook Pro. While there aren’t choices to get the exact specifications the same, a close comparison puts the Dell at $2608 compared to the MacBook Pro at $2799, an almost $200 difference. However, there are other considerations (other than the obvious OS difference).

    Dell offers 53 & 80 whr batteries, Apple has a 68whr battery.
    Dell offers ATI X1400 graphics card, APPLE has X1600.
    DELL has a 3 year warranty, while Apple only has a 1 year.
    DELL has 6 usb 2.0, Apple has only 3.
    Dell does not have Firewire 800, APPLE does.
    APPLE has some enhanced features like the Mag Safe Connector, built-in iSight.
    DELL has a 5 in 1 memory card reader.
    Dell starts at 7.61 pounds at basic config so will be even heavier, APPLE is only 6.8 pounds.

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