RUMOR: Apple asks studios to include iPod video content on Blu-ray discs

“According to anonymous film industry insiders Apple has been asking studios to include iPod video content on Blu-ray discs,” iClaire reports for iPod Hub. “Though movies on Blu-ray discs are expected to start shipping next month and a large screen iPod is still probably months away, Apple wants to make sure that when their next-generation iPod is released it will have a sufficient library of playable content already available for customers to watch.”

iClaire reports, “And Apple could be in a strong position to make their wish a reality. Already in the Blu-ray camp are Sony, who Apple have been working with closely of late with regard to its HD cameras; and Disney, who have been close partners of Steve Jobs’ Pixar.”

Full article here.

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  1. ” Disney, who have been close partners of Steve Jobs’ Pixar.” someones not up to date here haha, should be changed to….”Disney, whos majority shareholder is Steve Jobs, after the sale of Pixar”.

    The deal hasn’t actually happened yet, has it? I think it’s supposed to be finalized in July.

  2. Uhh, Jim –“early in the last century”? As in, before 1925?

    I didn’t know there were computers “early” in the last century!


    (P.S. Add “Room 222” to the list of prime 70s suck.)

  3. “According to anonymous film industry insiders Apple has been asking studios to include iPod video content on Blu-ray discs,”

    Hmmm, buy a BlueRay HD movie,

    1) Play it on your BlueRay HD player in full quality on your HDCP compliant HDTV.

    2) Play it in substancial lesser quality on your Mac without a BlueRay Drive

    3) Play it substancial lessor quality on your PowerMacTel with BlueRay drive because there is no DRM chip in Apple’s monitors yet.

    4) Play it in substancial lessor quality on a external monitor because the HDCP is decoded in the Intel processors and the Apple DRM doesn’t match the external monitor’s DRM if it has one. Or there is no HDCP pass through ability.

    5) Play it in full quality on your BlueRay equipted Mac, with Apple DRMed monitor, but can’t use software to screen record it.

    6) Play it in a really substancial substandard quality for iPods with no DRM and pass the copy to all your friends so they don’t have to pay the $50 or so to watch the movie.


  4. What incentive would Hollywood have to put anything other than fairplay encoded iPod compatible versions on the DVD. Many websites require Real Player or Windows Media Player.

    Besides, if iPod has 80% of the market, why waste resources. It is the same with many windows only programmers.

    Apple does not have to do anything illegal. Just the size would get lawyers waiting in line to call Apple a monopoly and sue Apple. We just need a few more compaines to stop making music players and portable video players, which will happen when they want to stop losing money.

  5. Just a bit of info – Toshiba shipped 10,000 HD-DVD players (not recorders) about a week and a half ago. They sold out in about 3 days. There are only 8(approx) titles for it right now.

    Sony better get Blu-Ray out the door!

    They talk about it on DL.TV HERE

    Oh, and they talk about a frequent visitor to this site – Rasterbator. It’s actually a website – if you want waste copious amounts of toner or about a million dollars in inkjet cartridges visit it @

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