RUMOR: Apple asks studios to include iPod video content on Blu-ray discs

“According to anonymous film industry insiders Apple has been asking studios to include iPod video content on Blu-ray discs,” iClaire reports for iPod Hub. “Though movies on Blu-ray discs are expected to start shipping next month and a large screen iPod is still probably months away, Apple wants to make sure that when their next-generation iPod is released it will have a sufficient library of playable content already available for customers to watch.”

iClaire reports, “And Apple could be in a strong position to make their wish a reality. Already in the Blu-ray camp are Sony, who Apple have been working with closely of late with regard to its HD cameras; and Disney, who have been close partners of Steve Jobs’ Pixar.”

Full article here.

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  1. ” Disney, who have been close partners of Steve Jobs’ Pixar.” someones not up to date here haha, should be changed to….”Disney, whos majority shareholder is Steve Jobs, after the sale of Pixar”.

  2. AL, why? I don’t think anyone mentioned that Apple was asking for an exclusive. There’s plenty of room on a Blu-Ray disc to fit portable content in several formats. Besides, the iPod video format is an open standard, so unless the version on the disc is somehow protected with Apple’s FairPlay DRM, which seems unlikely, since FairPlay needs the iTunes Music Store to manage the authorizations, then other portable players could play it as well.

  3. There is enough room on a Blu-Ray for a WMP version as well. Also, these iPod videos will (I assume, confidently) include DRM.

    What I am most curious about is whether the extras will also be included, and whether higher-resolution iPod videos will be supported, indicating a new video iPod from Apple.

  4. Ok, ok, so what the movie distributers will need to do is, on every Blu-ray disc you’ll have every format for home theater, iPod, MS/Real thingy, and whoever else shows up in the market place.

    I actually think it could work, and I think it would have the net effect of reducing the amount of copying by the end user to get it onto a portable device(s) to help keep the kids quiet while traveling and etc.

  5. Man, I can’t wait for Blu-Ray! But I’m really, really lookin’ forward to the availability of all those TV series!

    Think about it: Entire seasons of all those great, quality 70’s shows like Sanford & Son, Maude, Good Times, Starsky & Hutch, Love Boat, Welcome Back, Kotter, CHiPs, Wonder Woman, Six Million Dollar Man, Charlie’s Angels, S.W.A.T., MacMillan & Wife, The Flip Wilson Show, Love, American Style, The Rookies, Laverne & Shirley, Barnaby Jones, Kung Fu, Baretta, Police Woman, Captain & Tenille, Holmes & Yo Yo . . . ohh, man — the list of quality just goes on and on!

    And each of these entire series’ on one disc?!?!?!?!? WOW! NO MORE MULTI-DISC SETS??? Yes! That’ll clear up soooooooooo much shelf space for me! Why, my Rhoda and Three’s Company sets were taking up so much room they had to be moved to the den. Now they can come back out to the living room with the rest!

    Oh, and now Man from Atlantis will fit, too!


    Thank you soooooo much, Blu-Ray! This’ll be the best year ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

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