IT departments may look at Mac OS X due to latest delay of Windows Vista

“I’ve talked in the past about how IT departments need to rethink their positions against the widespread use of Apple computers and Mac OS X in their organizations. I’ve talked about the fact that many of the old myths from the mid-’90s about the Macintosh just aren’t true. There’s plenty of software for the platform, proprietary protocols are a thing of the past, and the price of entry isn’t that different from what you’d pay for a system from any Tier 1 PC vendor,” Michael Gartenberg writes for Computerworld.

“I won’t even go into issues such as virus attacks and spyware being virtually nonexistent problems for Mac users. Instead, I’ll focus on three new reasons for business users to look more closely at Apple Computer: the company’s migration from Power PC to Intel processors; its announcement of Boot Camp for running Windows XP natively on an Intel Mac; and the recently announced delay of Microsoft’s Vista operating system,” Gartenberg writes. “While the delay holds no earth-shattering implications for IT, it does mean there’s a window of opportunity to take a closer look at what else is out there now, ready to be put to use in your organization. I’m not suggesting that most businesses would be better served deploying Mac OS over Windows. I’m not even suggesting that Mac OS is right for some aspect of every business. However, these developments do dangle some low-hanging fruit that IT departments can exploit for positive results. In this case, that fruit just may be an Apple.”

Full article here.

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  1. Our IT dept (supporting over 130 international offices) is count the seconds to a stable and apple supported windows solution, boot camp is great but it’s beta, as is Parallels awsome solution. But we look forward to the day of handing out apple laptops and booting as XP for those turning is Dells, and OS X for those who are upgrading their ibooks and powerbooks. We will only need to stock parts for one brand of laptop, and only need a laptop service contract with one vendor. It won’t be long now….

  2. Doesn’t make sense. IT departments like everything the same, so sticking a couple of Macs in there isn’t going to make things easier, even though they are better, easier to use and maintain.

    And, the writer assumes that businesses are going to switch to Vista. Doubt it. I know some businesses that still run Windows 2000, and one that still runs servers with NT4 on them.

  3. Jim: I bet all of the IT people you have met have been MCSEs. Have you met any UNIX or Linux ITs? I have met some who actually use Mac OS X as their daily driver. They love it. I also work with an MCSE on a weekly basis that uses his IBM ThinkPad but also carries his Powerbook with him wherever he goes, and his clients love trying it out, myself included.

  4. When Leopard supports Dual Booting and the PowerMac comes with an Intel chip (or two) inside then I will be upgrading my home office.

    That way, I can use OS X at home, but when I need to telecommute and VPN to modify some .NET code in Visual Studio, I can do so without having Dell sitting around to otherwise gather dust.

  5. “I’ve never met an IT person that wasn’t anti apple.”

    So true. Know why? Because our computers usually just WORK. That really freakes IT departments out.

    IT folks are also notoriously lazy. I’m in the small creative group at a satellite office of a HUMUNGOUS world-wide corporation, and we use Macs. The IT deparment and the rest of the company, however, use PCs. We asked them to get an XServe for our department. They did. But all they use it for is a $3,000 hard drive. They don’t use it to administer at all. No auto updates, no print server, NOTHING.

    That means it’s up to me and one of my Mac-centric coworkers to do their jobs for them, becuase they’re too lazy to skim through a manual and learn how to use Macs.

    Pathetic. I want a raise and a title change. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />


  6. It won’t happen.

    Businesses take a long time to move. I bet some are still getting over the transition to XP. I cannot think that businesses who care about their profits want to update the corporation’s operating systems and PCs when in all honesty there doesn’t seem to be a compelling reason to.

    Someone please explain what the compelling reason to upgrade to Vista is? Just fire away…..


  7. I must agree it’s not going to happen.

    1: Single vendor for hardware and software, sure you could boot another OS, but you still need drivers for fans and other things that come with Apple hardware. If M$ doesn’t support Apple hardware with drivers, who will?

    2: Cost of retraining from Windows. Lets face it most people just know how to use a computer barely enough to do what they need to get their paycheck. Th ecost to retrain would be huge.

    3: Shear amount of software and OS tie-ins with Windows.

    Even though Apple has lowered the bar and made their hardware and software more Windows friendly, it’s nowhere as close as Gateway, Dell, HP, E-Machines, Levenco etc etc…

    Plus Mac OS X suc’s as a server OS.

  8. I’m . . . gonna . . .

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    When I kill all the IT’s I see,

    There’ll be no IT’s to bother meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,

    I’m . . . gonna . . . get me a shotgun and kill all the IT’s I see!!!

  9. Idiots. Supposing this and that. No large IT department is going to endorse Macs, even ones that can run Windows. They’d be shooting themselves in the foot. until it comes down from the top (executives forcing them to switch) it just isn’t go to happen in any significant numbers. Apple needs to continue hitting the home users. That’s the target. 5 years of penetration there, some serious issues when Vista actually ships, a few HUGE virus scares with that cow, and maybe the big companys will then start to look around…. maybe.

  10. IT deparments are not worried about Vista delays. They would not load it for years anyway. Where I work, we’re just now upgrading to XP on the desktop Our servers were running pre-Windows 2000. Hell, M$ could go out of busness tomorrow and they’d still be running Windows for the next five years!

    word=never, as in IT will never give up Windows in favor of anything else. They just love it too much.

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