Video: Steve Jobs meets Cupertino City Council

“If you haven’t seen the video of Steve Jobs addressing Cupertino City Council the other night, it’s worth checking out. The really interesting thing about it is the way his performance contrasts with his Macworld keynote speeches. Gone is the polished showman. There’s no slick slideshow or whooping audience (in fact there’s barely an audience at all). And Jobs seems much more nervous talking to the Council members than he does addressing the world’s media at Macworld,” Kenny writes for Mac Vista.

“Note the way he shuffles, scratches and adjusts his glasses. He appears to be almost humble. But is it for real, or another example of Jobs’ supreme communication skills? Among the many things Jobs is good at is talking to an audience. He’s an expert at adjusting his pitch to suit the recipient of his message in order to ensure he gets what he wants. And I think this is what he is doing here,” Kenny writes.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The maestro plays ’em like a fiddle.

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  1. so, MDN is keeping all the ad formats and adding the InteliTXT.
    i thought they were asking us so they don’t want to use all formats!!??
    i know, i know if I don’t like it i don’t have to come here but i thought that was the idea behind asking us what do we prefer!


  2. Good news for Cupertino, I think. I noticed the way he kept bringing up the fact that this was so much more expensive and how he could have gone else ware. Could this mean that there will be issues with the land and how he wants to combined them?

  3. When addressing politicians it is critical to appear humble and deferential. This gives the politician the feeling of superior benevolence and gracious generosity. This video is an example of psychologically massaging your audience.

  4. Could this mean that there will be issues with the land and how he wants to combined them?

    Jobs was gently reminding them that, although they own the land, Apple can still move elsewhere, where governmental regulation may not be so restrictive.

    Jobs wants this project, but he won’t put up with any petty impediments from City/County/or environmental agencies. Notice the reference to Apple being Cupertino’s largest property tax payer and subtle reference to tearing down “inefficient” (translated to low property tax base) buildings in favor of a new “efficient” (translated to higher tax base) building.

    Notice also how he didn’t mention that Apple will be vacating several other buildings throughout town.

    Polticians are so predictable. They are/can be more star struck than the average citizen. It looked like a love fest at the end.

  5. Steve Jobs promises increasing tax revenues and politicians see government programs, give-aways, and re-elections.

    “Yes, sir, Mr. Jobs, sir, whatever you say, Mr. Jobs. We are happy to help.”

    “Can I help you move. Mr. Jobs? I have a pick up, you know.”

    “Yes, yes, of course. I think I will be available to help you move that day, Mr. Jobs. Sure, I can reschedule my daughter’s wedding. Thank you, Mr. Jobs. My pleasure, Mr. Jobs.”

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