Adobe CEO: Universal version of Photoshop due in spring 2007

“A version of Adobe Systems’ flagship Photoshop software that will run on Mac computers based on either the legacy PowerPC or new Intel platform will be available in the first half of next year, the company’s CEO said Friday,” Martyn Williams reports for IDG News Service. “‘We are working very hard on making our products Mactel (Mac Intel) compliant,’ Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen said at a Tokyo news conference. ‘When we ship the new product Acrobat 8 this fall it will be Mactel (Mac Intel) compliant. When we ship Photoshop and the Creative Suite products next spring they will also be Mactel compliant.'”

“Adobe has recently released several new products in Universal Binary form, and Chizen appeared on stage with Steve Jobs during Apple’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference to back Apple’s switch to the Intel platform. ‘Many of our customers use Macintoshes and we believe that Mactel will provide for a greater performance and better experience and that will be good for Adobe’s customers which means it’s good for Adobe,’ Chizen said in Tokyo. He also said the recently announced Boot Camp software, which allows Intel-based Mac computers to run the Windows operating system, won’t have a big impact on Adobe’s Mac software line-up. ‘For the majority of our products, writing directly to the Macintosh operating system is an advantage to the customers and you will see us continue to do so and not work through Boot Camp or the Windows emulator because we think that will not be good for the majority of our customers,’ he said,” Williams reports.

Full article here.

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  1. A lot of old timers are like me, we know the software and it runs very well, it is hard to justify an upgrade of software just because I bought a faster machine.

    If there wasn’t a processor change I wouldn’t even be looking at updating my Adobe software. I only upgraded last time to make use of OS X without Classic.

    Apple has been doing Adobe a favor the last 4 -5 years with switching Mac users over to newer software. Quark dropped the ball and gave an opening to Indesign. Adobe needs to be careful it doesn’t make the same mistake.

  2. “Quark dropped the ball and gave an opening to Indesign. Adobe needs to be careful it doesn’t make the same mistake.”

    Does anyone remember Umax scanners? They refused to provide drivers for their $600.00 scanners when OS X came out. Their statement was “buy new hardware”.

    I swore up and down by Umax until they shafted me with the driver issue for OS X. They did the same thing with the XP drivers. Epson on the other hand provided a ton of drivers for their printers, I’ve replaced several printers with Epson because they took care of us during that transition.

    If I was Quark, I’d be building a “Photoshop killer”, a vector program, a pdf solution, and an answer to Flash and packaging it with QuarkXpress. Do you suppose this is why Adobe hasn’t sold off the Macromedia duplicates?

  3. “Adobe products sucks just a little bit less than most M$ applications. There are better alternatives to everything they produce. And they charge to much their crap.”

    Hey iDon’t, tell us exactly what is the *better* alternative to Photoshop. Are you having trouble with your pirated copy of CS2?

  4. chizen is one of the biggest meat haeds going around. he doesnt know the product at all.

    “and not work through Boot Camp”

    so i dont have to run photoshop in xp on an intel based mac, no kidding you dickhead!!! other posts are right adobe are definately not what they used to be.

    I only hope that when Adobe release cs3 and show it at an apple developers conference or macworld, that that steve asks as chizen leaves the stage ” what took you so long dickwad?”

  5. This has little to do with the difficulty of building for the Mac and more to do with Vista’s delay and planned rewrite. They don’t want to rewrite PS unless they have to. They’re king of the hill, buying Macromedia killed the only competiton the had.

    A year is a long wait, it is also enough time to look at alternatives to Adobe, I will be, my G4 says it is time to upgrade! Maybe someone will release an “Adobe” killer. A liitle competition would be good for Adobe. : )

  6. I think we need to let Adobe go. More and more over the years they’ve put their Mac development on the back burner. They want to focus on MS Windows products and I think we should let them. I’ve heard rumors that there are, or will be, Photoshop and InDesign replacements coming from the Open Source groups, and they will undoubtedly be less expensive – If the rumors are true.

    Adobe started out being Mac exclusive, then they wanted a piece of the Windows pie (makes sense, and there was plentry of demand from pro users who didn’t want to, or weren’t allowed to use Macs), but as soon as that started happening there was a development lag felt in the Mac community from Adobe, and its been getting worse on a yearly basis.

    If Adobe wants to wander after Windows then let them, in the meantime, it was Pro Mac users (and non-Pros) who created the demand for Adobe products in the first place, lets start creating a demand for the same utilities, but not from Adobe.


    That’s a year away!! Guess Apple will be selling that Quad for a long time.

    ,i>Does anyone remember Umax scanners? They refused to provide drivers for their $600.00 scanners when OS X came out. Their statement was “buy new hardware”. </i>

    yep I dumped Umax scanners too, those basterds.

  8. Apple: Please roll out another competitor to that behemoth Photoshop. That overserving, monster is like Vista, dying under its own weight.

    Apple, time to disrupt and sink them. Build us something that is one-fourth the huge over-makeuped PS that gets the job done, like you did with Aperture.

    Adobe’s time has come and gone. And also, piss on Acrobat, software of the last millenium.

  9. Macromancer, you left out the important relevant detail! What <i>kind</b> of sandwich were you not going to eat today?!!

    Seriously, I think Adobe will get Photoshop out when it’s good and ready. These people have never marched to anyone’s timetable. And frankly, there are plenty of “legacy” PowerPC’s out there, and will be for the next 9 months, in the shops and what not.

    Hell, the Print Shop that I go to still has a blue G3 tower they’re using as their primary workstation, along with Quark 4, so not everyone (even the “pros”) are on the cutting edge.

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