RUMOR: Apple to debut MacBook Pro 17-inch at NAB convention next week

“Apple Computer at the National Association of Broadcasters conference next week will unveil its most poweful Intel notebook yet, a 17-inch MacBook Pro strung with a few bells and whistles, AppleInsider has learned. The flagship Apple notebook is expected to debut at speeds faster than the company’s 2.0GHz 15-inch MacBook Pro and pack additional storage capacity, well-placed sources have said,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider. “The over-sized portable, which will be built around a stellar 17-inch TFT widescreen display and look very similar to its 15-inch counterpart, will round out Apple’s professional line MacBook Pro notebooks, those sources have said.”

“The National Association of Broadcasters conference is set to kick-off at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Saturday [April] 22nd and run through Thursday the 27th. The Exhibition hall will not open until Monday the 24th,” Jade reports.

Full article with news that Apple’s “MacBook,” the Intel Core Duo 13.3-inch widescreen iBook replacement, has been “pushed back to next month” here.

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  1. I’m waiting for the 13″, but have to have the dual-core rather than the single core. Hope they include the dually now that the Intels price of the processer has dropped $199. Maybe wishful thinking, but I would like to get a red colored 13.4″ with camera and dual-core for $1,299.00

  2. Yours truly will be at NAB as well. Yeh-heh-hehessss . . . I’ll be pimping by new exercise and technology show: Ballmer: How to Suck and Sweat at the Same Time.

    We were going to call it Ballmer: Sweating to the Suckies, but our test marketing showed that people equated de word “Suckies” too strongly with “Windows”.

    Anyway, it’ll premiere in de fall on FOX — de network of Suck.

  3. My right index finger will be super-glued to the mouse in preparation to order this puppy the very second the Apple Store posts it for sale.

    As God as my witness, I will order it the same moment.

  4. The current Macbook Pro is very limiting, not enough ports, no Firewire 800, one Firewire 400 etc etc.

    I was considering buying one, but the best way would be to get the 7,200 RPM drive and the full RAM right away for performance and longivety reasons.

    The 2.16 Core Dual CPU score of only 76 vs my 3 year old PowerMac at 100 didn’t sit with me very well. Won’t run three alternate OS’s under Paralells very well either I guess.

    So I hope we get something better, no frying Magplugs and whining speakers, heat problems.

  5. So, the MacBook gets delayed again…? If it is released in May, that’ll be almost 9 months between revisions. What’s the longest Apple has gone between revisions prior to this?

  6. Don’t mind the green double-lined ads TOO much. not nearly as annoying as pop-ups/unders or flashing ads that distract. Besides adults who have to point to text in order to read it need to take an adult literacy class and brush up.

  7. It took me several days, but I think I am now totally oblivious to the incredibly annoying double-green-underlines (just like I’m oblivious to the annoying ads scattered along the side of the page).

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