In-depth review finds Intel Core Duo’s performance per watt is unmatched

“Based on what we’ve seen, one can’t help but conclude the Core Duo’s performance per watt is unmatched in the world of PC processors. The Core Duo is obviously the best mobile CPU on the market, more than doubling the peak performance of the Pentium M while operating in the same power envelope. What’s more shocking is the fact that the Core Duo T2600’s outright performance is easily superior to Intel’s supposed flagship desktop processor, the Pentium Extreme Edition 965. Given its performance, the Core Duo is clearly well-suited for desktop use, where performance is king but quiet computing is still a blessing,” Scott Wasson writes for The Tech Report.

“This combination makes the Core Duo Intel’s most attractive processor for PC enthusiasts, and that proposition could become downright irresistible if Asus or somebody else can deliver a mobo and BIOS with the kind of tweaking options PC enthusiasts have come to expect. The T2600 can’t quite take the overall performance crown from the likes of the Athlon 64 FX-60 or the X2 4800+, but jeez, it’s startlingly close. If we could get the Core Duo overclocked reasonably well, it might just be able to make a run at the title of the fastest x86-compatible CPU—or at least grab a share of that title,” Wasson writes. “As it stands, the Core Duo is an excellent choice for a quiet desktop PC or a silent gaming rig, and it’s perfect for a home theater PC, where the 64-bit memory space issue isn’t likely to rear its ugly head for at least several years. Were it not for the fact that Core Duo can’t handle 64-bit addressing, I’d say Intel should transition its desktop and server product lines to this microarchitecture right now rather than waiting for Conroe, Merom, and Woodcrest.”

Wasson writes, “Macophiles have to be reading these words with a certain glee, given that Apple has already transitioned several of its products to Core Duo, including the iMac. They should be pleased with the performance and power efficiency of Apple’s new chosen engine—or at least they should once universal binaries are widely available. They’ve gotta be thinking that the severe case of whiplash from the ‘Intel sucks ‘- ‘Intel rules’ about-face was worth it. The Pentium Extreme Edition scores in this review even gives them plausible cover for the dissonance. I’m happy for them.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We only said “Intel sucks” when they did. Times change. No whiplash here; Mac users are all about the ability to change and adapt rapidly. We don’t cling to last century’s tech for the sake of backwards compatibility – that’s why we’re so far ahead with our operating system, for one example. Or why we were using Wi-Fi Apple iBooks before anyone else even heard of it. After reading the full review, it just offers more confirmation that Jobs made the right move. Again.

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  1. Using iSquint, it compresses AS fast or slightly faster than the desktop dual G5 that I have. No more waiting to get home to compress video.

    Now, all I need is Final Cut an I’ll be set! I can only imagine how much faster the new processors for the desktops are going to be.

  2. “We only said “Intel sucks” when they did.”

    Tell me, is that brown stuff on your face from the crap you used to drivel out about Intel and everything “PEECEE”, which you are now having to eat? I was here in the winter of ’05, I read the posts. You guys are only harping Intel’s greatness now because Stevie says to. Most of you are sheep with no minds of your own.

    On a lighter note however, I’m writing this on my new 20″ iMac Core Duo. Nice. Very nice.

  3. I am so amazed on how the FUD get thrown around by the MAC faithful.

    Look the G5 is still a great chip.
    The G4 is an OLD chip that can’t compare to the new Intel dual-cores.

    The comparisons made of IBM vs. Intel were 5 years old.

    This is technology, things change and when they change, they change quickly.

    To those who say Steve lied, they are comparing old information with what is out here now.

    It’s like the Iraq war; the whole world believed Iraq had WMD’s. NOW, we find out they don’t.

    The Bush/USA haters are saying the Government lied.
    BUT, those who say this are glossing over the fact that before Iraq was invaded, the world governments thought Iraq had WMD’s.

    And for those that try to change history – it wasn’t just the US or Britain.

    If Russia, China and France (who supported Iraq) believed Iraq didn’t own WMD’s that would have screamed it all over the press.
    They didn’t.
    And why? Because even Iraq’s supports believed Iraq had WMD’s, not just the US.

    My two cents.

  4. hey, ease up on MDN!

    The core duo was not available in ’05. Just as MDN said, Intel has changed. Before the core duo they had the Pentium M, which may not have offered much advantage compared to the G4 as a mobile processor. And the G5 compared to the Pentium either.

    Apples and oranges, people! These new benchmarks have been legitimizing Intel for Mac users only because of the brand spanking new processor!!!!!

    Even Jobs said at the conference that the Intel advantages will be borne out OVER TIME – not immediately. Otherwise we’d already have full line replacements all with Intel processors!!!! At this point, it only makes sense to go with CPU replacements that could exploits the core duo to its full advantage.

  5. enough of this Iraq had WMD’s thing.

    we already found out that the intelligence was manipulated, cherry picked. the inspectors found nothing, and the Plame story showed that the whole basis of the war was fabricated. we have documents clearly showing that Bush wanted to invade Iraq irrespective of WMDs or terrorism. 9/11 was just an excuse to hold over America and Congress, not even the rest of the world.

    much of the world did not agree to invading Iraq, history revisionist or short memoryist!!!

    now, do you wonder why China and Russia didn’t really care if we went to Iraq. As John Murtha said, the only people happy that we are in Iraq are the people who want us to be weakened by putting our men and resources at all the wrong places.

    I was for the war too, and now that I have actually read all the documents being released, I realized I’ve been had.

    You can’t hide from actual history and actual facts no matter how much of an opinion you have!

  6. Performance per watt is a con

    Let me explain, it’s good for laptops because you can have the computer operating longer and at lower temperture.

    But it’s just a temporary measure. The Core Dual 2.16 has a X-Bench CPU score of only 76!! My companies Dual 2 Gz (seperate processors) built three years ago gets a CPU score of 100.

    Really the new Core Duo should be having a CPU score greater than some three year old PPC chip right?

    Why not? Because of heat, laptops can’t handle it. Is the Core Duo 2.16 hobbled in some way to keep the heat down? Perhaps.

    So all this “performance per watt” marketing hype is temporary measure, the realitiy is (as IBM found out) you can no longer get processors any significantly faster like before because they generate too much heat.

    A whole new technology is needed for laptops. We will get some small performance benefits with the newer processors, but nothing like great leaps of processing power.

    Laptops will always be hobbled, desktops, especially Towers, with their more room for cooling, is the way to go.

    I priced a Core Duo MacBook Pro at $4500 with all the options, A Quad is a better buy.

  7. Invading Iraq was a decision made by people who have a HELL of a lot more information than they can possibly reveal at this time.

    I say the most likely reason is Iran and nukes. Given the inflamatory rehtoric that has come out of the leaders of Iran recently, I say we have another Hitler on our hands.

    A long time ago the US had a policy of isolationism, it came to haunt us with wars that cost many times more American lives than if we would have gotten involved earlier. So now we get involved earlier and since Saddams signature was on the order to use WMD on thousands of Kurds, I say the invasion was justified.

    Prevention is easier than cure.

    Remember September 11th.

  8. IBM’s inability to update their chip line in a timely fashion had to contribute to Apple’s decision to go with Intel. IBM announced a few months back that they were going to focus on making chips for consumer (non-PC) electronics and servers only – no more desktop/laptop chips. Apple can’t put a server chip into their desktops or laptops because of heat and noise issues.

  9. Andrew,

    Right on brother. We need to learn from history. This yahoo running Iran (as well as the mullahs who back him) is nuts. A steep price will be paid if we do what is necessary to take out Iran, but it will pale in comparison to the toll that we will endure if this idiot is allowed to acquire nuclear weapons.

    Mac Zealot

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