Digigami Ships ‘MoviesForMyPod/PSP 1.0’ batch movie converter for Apple iPod/Sony PSP

Digigami today announced it is shipping MoviesForMyPod/PSP 1.0, “a simple, yet powerful batch movie converter,” according to the company. The Macintosh program, available as a free download from the Digigami web site, makes it easy to convert a collection of QuickTime videos for delivery to Web, Video iPod and/or Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) devices.

“Most Podcasters and internet sites including Google Video, are currently offering two distinct downloadable movie types in order to serve both the Video iPod and Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). Yet both devices utilizes the MPEG-4 SP file format.” said Digigami CTO, Gen Kiyooka in the press release. “What we have done is taken the sheer simplicity of our MoviesForMyPod program and added the necessary automagic in order to create one MPEG-4 (.MP4) movie file which plays perfectly on both devices. So you can publish a single movie file on your web site which syncs and plays flawlessly on both devices. We continue to use Apple’s MPEG-4 encoder because in our tests, the encoder produced superior audio quality.”

Not only is MoviesForMyPod/PSP a Universal Mac OS X binary, it is also designed from the ground up to be multi-core aware, and takes full advantage of single, dual and quad-core CPUs, Intel or PowerPC. “The speedups in conversion time are greater than linear improvements with the number of processors. We achieve greater conversion speeds by dispatching multiple jobs in parallel. So a quad-core machine is more than twice as fast as a dual core machine when processing large batches of movies,” Kiyooka said.

MoviesForMyPod/PSP is designed with the video prosumer or professional in mind. Podcasters will enjoy the fact that QuickTime metadata is preserved when making Podcast movies. And internet webmasters will find their job simplified by the automatic creation of PSP thumbnail files.

MoviesForMyPod/PSP requires QuickTime 7.0.3 (or higher) and iTunes 6.x (or higher). Intel, PowerPC G3, G4, or G5 Macintosh Computer with OS X Tiger (10.4 or higher) and is free software to individuals, podcasters, students, educational users and small “sole proprietor, less than three (3) employee” business. Corporations pay just $89.00 under an honor license system. The free version is offered without technical support, and the paid version includes Digigami technical support services.

More info and download link: http://www.digigami.com/moviesformypod/

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  1. sure, both use the SP, but AVC support is owned by the PSP. The ipod may be the next killer, but not until the hardware supports the same level and feature set of the psp h.264 profile. I really hope the next gen ipod does match the psp in h.264 capabilities, because then the common format won’t be terrible like MPEG-4 SP. I haven’t tried this particular converter, but so far comments at review sites have criticized the quality. Nice to see someone pointing out the blatant lack of capability in the ipod.

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